I think it’s time to start trying this blog thing. Perhaps it would be wiser to wait and make it a sort of “New Year’s Resolution” thing, but those never last to the end of the week, and maybe making a resolution at a different time of year makes it easier to keep as it isn’t tainted with the New Year.

I think the point of this thing so far is to keep tabs on myself. Because recently I’ve been scared that I feel like the ghost of a total stranger. This might be the medicine the doctor ordered. Or it might be just another silly, self-indulgent investment. We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

I talked to Alfie yesterday and he said that the second floor of the Tower is completely closed off to the public. Weird. It’s truly tragic what’s happening. I can’t imagine L.A. without Tower. Sure, there’s Amoeba and Virgin (shudder), but who wants to drive to Hollywood for CDs? And Amoeba is really only the kind of place you want to go for browsing. You don’t go with something specific in mind. You’ll never find t and you’ll never leave.

Last night people came over for Cream of Garlic Soup (which was absolutely amazing) and shows. Earl was fantastic. That show has a heart of gold and I appreciate it for that. Also got Silena’s iPod and computer getting along, which was rewarding. Office was awesome. The episode was filled with tons of great Jim camera looks. “Prison Mike” was classic. And I seriously think there needs to be more Toby this season.

Grey’s was absolutely outstanding. All those people are incredible and brilliant actors and the writing and character development continues to rock my socks.


I’ve just been distracted by this.

And if this is what The View was like every day, I’d definitely become a View-watching Desperate Housewhore.