That I was like, “YES! I am going to rock a blog! And it is going to be awesome!” And then I didn’t so much “rock” a blog but rather “New Age” a blog. That was great.

I suppose I haven’t been rockin’ the bloggin’, because nothing terribly exciting has happened. And no one cares what I had for lunch. So I’m kind of meandering around a solid topic for this flow of blogging. I am thinking that it is going to be to document my efforts to move and what that whole “last semester of college” thing is all about. I’m at the end of the next to last semester, so it’s hard to say from here. That just might have to be the topic of the SeaBabble.


Heather, Nelson and Jen Dub

Last weekend saw its fair share of excitement. Silena’s birthday party at Buca di Beppo (delicious) followed by games, games, games at Adam’s until about 2 in the morning. Such a great night. Such a great night that needs to happen more often.

On Saturday I worked at Sperling, which was fine, as always and then Mom, Emily and I went and saw “For Your Consideration.” It was okay, but unfortunately when it comes out on DVD will be excluded from joining the other Christopher Guests in my collection. It was scripted and you noticed. It didn’t have the same punch as the others do. It was funny because of who the people were, but on the whole…. Eh… I give it a C-.

Sunday was the ScienCenter where I was electrocuted by playing with a light bulb and a Van de Graaff Generator. Not the brightest bird in the bush, this one 🙂

This week has been pretty consuming with a little bit of everything. School is winding down, which is exactly why I should have gone to my first two classes today, but… eh… Next week. Next week.

This weekend will consist of work and study and little or no time for play. And I am totally okay with that. I’m putting it out there so hopefully it really happens, but I am not going to bed on Sunday night until I have finished my Human Behavior paper and presentation as well as my Supernatural paper. I’m a scholar, damnit.

Anyway. That’s it for today’s SeaBabble. Fingers crossed that something exciting happens so you can read about it, if you so choose.