This is just fantastic!!! With the production values of public access, I present to you, America:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen more miserable animals in all my days.

And, I would also like to point out that at the beginning the shot of Bush and Barns in the Oval Office shows his desk. And there is nothing on it. One would assume that if your job was leader of the “free” world that you would have at least maybe a post-it on your desk. “Reminder: Keep sucking.” I mean, I am most definitely not the president last time I checked and you can’t even see my desk. It’s completely MIA and has been replaced by piles of papers to read, post-its galore and piles of books. Is this to suggest that I am busier than the president. Hmmm…

And I love that he has the “colored”  child sitting next to him at the EXTRAVAGAANZA.

Eric added this gem of insight into Presidential dialogue:

“Mr. President, we hope you’ll take a look at this budget propos — ”

“Tell me, Frank, is Barney happy? Have we shot the scene where he licks the female dog on the nose, underneath the mistletoe? Don’t talk to me until it’s done.”

Merry Christmas, all.

Anyone up for a…