My iTunes gift cards are spent, I suppose that’s the true meaning that the holiday season is over. One of my purchases was “Mirabelle” by Jay Nash with the rest of the All-Star Conquistadors. Such a fun little diddy. If you have the means, I highly suggest picking one up.

Saw Children of Menlast night. I truly enjoyed it. I thought that the concept was just so weird and different, but they made it work. You understood why everyone acted the way they did in a situation that is really not something you think of right away when you think of world destruction. Clive Owen was phenomenal as was Julianna Moore and Michael Caine.  The direction was also really well done. Some super interesting choices when I think about it, but I appreciated them all.  Why am I writing this here? Now? Because we are not repeating 2006 when it comes to remembering movies I saw this year.

 Is it the worst thing ever that I cand wait to see Music and Lyrics? I will always love you, Hugh. (Though Clive Owen is really creeping up the scale of sexiest man with an accent. And he’s got scruff… so that gives him a bit more of an edge.)