I don’t think I’ve ever been this television minded. But I suppose it’s for a good thing, cheap entertainment for a girl who is trying to save her pennies up.

I watched 24 for the first time tonight. I didn’t even really know about it until a few years ago and then just never got around to it because that was during my TV hibernation phase where I missed nearly everything that was on.  I was okay with that. A little over a year with very little TV, and no “shows” to speak of, except the occasional Gilmore Girls episode with Colie.  But I couldn’t imagine not having my “shows” now. I’m a person with “shows” now. This is who I’ve become.

Anyway, 24.  It’s pretty good. Pret-ty damn good. I shall watch you tomorrow, 24. 

Man, that Kal Penn. What an actor!

It’s apparently freezing frosty here tonight. Again. And a little windy, too. Oh, how did we get so lucky!

Today wasn’t so much of a good day. But we’ll try again tomorrow.

I’m seeing Garrison on Tuesday and I need this. It’s at The Mint, which I am very fond of. Oh, Garrison. What fun we will have.