No Dreamgirls! What?! Yes!

For once I have absolutely no problems with any of the movies that are nominated for best picture. I’m planning on seeing Babel this week. I’m looking forward to it.

Let’s see… let’s seee.

Of course I’m pulling for Breslin for supporting actress.

Djimon Hounsou for supporting actor (if he doesn’t win that means they didn’t see the movie)

I’d love to see Helen Mirren win for The Queen. And I bet she does.

I think it’s time that DiCaprio gets his dues from The Academy, so I hope he pulls it out for Blood Diamond. Even though it wasn’t his best… he deserves it. Think Denzel with Training Day.

Eastwood will take it home for director. Because he’s Clint Eastwood. And you’re not.

That’ll wrap it up for the big ones for now.

You’ll get a full list when it’s closer to the big night.

Hopefully I can get some Babel in here in the meantime.