I really should have written this when I got home from Babel the other night but that clearly didn’t happen. Sorry.

Babel is everything it needed to be and then some. In a movie where I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, I left feeling like my expectations were far surpassed. Outstanding performances all around. Brad Pitt is not to be overlooked as he delivers some absolutely chilling scenes. He does some outstanding work here but in the shadows of the ladies of Babel who truly were phenomenal. And the writing is superb, and direction as well. Basically any awards that this film wins are well deserved.

I wasn’t too fond of Crash. I felt like too many movies had done the same thing, only better and smarter. People felt that it was so original and witty, but I’d rather just watch Magnolia which, in my opinion, is fifty times better. Crash could have been so much more and I feel like in some ways Babel did what Crash should have. It’s why I fear it won’t win best picture. Like Walk the Line kind of missed out because of the proximity to Ray winning. Not identical, but similar enough to not get the Oscar because of it.

But it’s got my vote. Whatever that counts for.