Today has been anything but great. In fact, crummy would be a pretty good way to describe the state of mind of my 12:07 AM day-worn self. My day ended with neither The Office nor Grey’s Anatomy being taped and thus leading to further sulking and moping.  I should probably take this as a sign and go to sleep, but let’s see what else we can squeeze in here. Oh, yeah. Billionaires make me feel guilty.

Has anyone else noticed the insane amount of PR that is going on to get people to watch 30 Rock?  To the point that the next logical step would have to be sexual favors. For example, this week I’ve heard advertisements on two separate radio stations for their morning shows that would have “celebrity guest phone call from Alec Baldwin,” to, no doubt, promote his show. Yesterday I downloaded a free 30 Rock episode offered to me via e-mail on iTunes. Alec Baldwin made personal pleas and did the Snakes on a Plane thing and had automated calls during the holiday season.  I can’t drive anywhere without seeing a billboard for the show and I can’t turn on NBC for more than 10 minutes without seeing a commercial that either advertises the Thursday night schedule or the show itself. And it’s not that the show looks bad, in fact, I’m sure it’s brilliant (I watched the first episode and thought it was alright). And if it didn’t have the financing and star power that it does, I fear it wouldn’t have gotten a second season because I just don’t think that many people are watching it. And I feel bad. Alec Baldwin has made me feel like a jerk for picking Grey’s Anatomy (9-10, Thursdays) over 30 Rock.  I feel like I should apologize to bagazillionaire Alec Baldwin for not watching his show.  

Yet I’ve managed to rationalize it ever so slightly,

If I decide to watch Grey’sthe next day online, that’s fine with me. The quality is great and I don’t mind the four ads for natural male enhancement. They still make me uncomfortable as all hell, but I can block it out. But. But. BUT. I refuse to watch Scrubs which comes in between The Office and 30 Rock. I can’t think of a network show that’s on right now that I hate more than I hate Scrubs. I can’t watch it and I will not watch it. And during that half hour I fear I would be way too tempted to watch the first half hour of Grey’s and then decide “fuck 30 Rock” and, well, we’re right back where we started.

But I’ll tell you what, NBC. You switch Scrubs and 30 Rock, and you’ve got yourself a loyal customer.

This is an obvious sleepy blog.

Let’s do better, Tomorrow.