It was somewhere around that weird Eagles‘ tribute that I thought, “I should be making some sort of live bloggings of this event.” Mainly because I got the sudden urge to express how much I “hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man!” But then I didn’t and now this morning I can’t remember nearly all of what I saw last night.

But let’s go through this:


The Police was admittedly very cool and they are apparently announcing tour dates this morning. I wouldn’t mind seeing that. I was half expecting at least Stewart Copeland to look like hell, but father time hasn’t been to bad for him at all!  They barely showed Andy Summers, so maybe time hasn’t been too kind to him 🙂 I’m not a huge Sting fan, but my dad is so I grew up listening to his stuff all the time and can honestly say that even though he isn’t one of my favorites, he’s pretty damn talented. Pretty damn talented indeed.

Justin Timberlake! Is there anything that this guy can’t do? I thought his Blair Witch camera moment during his performance was a little funny, but I ignored it because he’s just so much damn fun. His moves are smooth, his songs even smoother, and he’s got some absolutely undeniable talent on the instruments. I totally regret not seeing him a few weeks ago when he was in town. Curses.

The Dixie Chicks know more about kicking your ass with sweet harmonies, awesome guitar parts, and good looks than anyone that performed last night. That song is fantastic and I didn’t mind hearing the snippet of it every time they won a well deserved award.  When they got towards the build up of the song, on the album there’s an army of strings that comes in, and I love that. LOVE that. And when it pulled back live to reveal this small country of strings, I got chills. It was beautiful and I am way impressed.

(I am probably out of order and missing so many of these things, but whatever)

I like Shakira. Really, I do. But those hips are out of control. And I mean this totally seriously, in any video or performance or anything does she ever not do the hips thing? Just asking. I think that’s the jealousy speaking though.  That performance didn’t really impress me, though. Mostly because I hate the song.

John Mayer is a F-O-X and probably one of the most talented guitar players I can think of. Holy crap. I melted into a puddle of girly ga-ga. Talented boys with guitars. Yikes.   I’m over Corrine Bailey Rae, but I do like that song that she performed. And I’ve tried, but John Legend just ain’t my thang.

Dear Smokey Robinson,

Someone needs to turn in their frequent buyer card at McNamara/Troy.

Jesus!!!! That was terrifying. And that shirt! Why would he do that?!

But Lionel Richie, totally awesome even though I was giggling during his whole performance because that song is used in The 40 Year Old Virgin during Andy’s porno night which turns into Everybody Loves Raymond. One of the funniest parts in that whole movie. For sure. And Chris Brown? What? Who? No. He should have just stuck with the cool  tap dancing thing. That was cool. But other than that, no. Just no. The little kids break dancing was cool. But man, I can’t listen to that.

Carrie Underwood is just not getting picked up on my radar of someone I would consider listening to. I don’t watch American Idol so I don’t know anything about her, except that she’s just another blonde pop singer. Yay. We can always use more of those. And Rascal Flats. I don’t like ’em.  But not as much as I “hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man” but that whole thing was not tolerable. At all.

Gnarls Barkley wasn’t someone I really got into in 2006, but they are tons of fun. And that song has got it going on where it needs it.  And the slowed down, orchestra, vocal ensemble version they did last night was very cool and appreciated.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are, in my opinion one of the great rock bands of the 90’s and have really held their on in the 00’s (I can’t stand writing that ’00’s’. I miss the 90’s.) Flea is a force to be reckoned with and the only other person I can think of from last night who shares the throne with John Mayer is John Frusciante. Holy crap. He’s good.

I’m sure I’m forgetting more. But let’s move on to the awards!


Maybe it’s because I’m a sensitive girl, but I teared up so bad first award of the night when Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonderwon.  Gawwwwsh, my heart cried.  And that’s all I’m going to stay about that.

Yay, John Mayer!!! You floppy haired, sexy guitar player you. He deserved that. He way deserved that. And Waiting On The World To Change is one of my favorite songs of 2006. And Continuum is truly one of the best albums of the year. John Mayer, you rock. Even if you are “Frankenstein Scissorhands” 😉

I am so glad that little no talent ass clown, James Blunt, did not win. The TV was lucky to survive his painstakingly awful performance and would not have survived a win.

Dixie Chicks deserve every single award they got last night. Talented, beautiful, smart, mommies, wives, powerful, inspiring and deserving. These girls have been horribly snubbed by the CMA’s because of their willingness to speak their minds, but my heart smiles for the fact that they were recognized for being the gutsy, talented and fantastic musicians they are. Keep rockin’ girls. Keep rockin’.

Again, RHCP deserved that award. Like I said before, they are one of the best rock bands of the past 20 years and don’t get recognized nearly enough. They’ve all been through a lot as musicians and human beings and I have nothing but respect for them and everything they do. (Please note: If I were in charge of the world, Best Rock Album of the Year would have been given to Muse.)

Ludacris thanked Bill O’Reilly. Hehehe.

Other Comments:

Scarlett Johansson needs to stop and just go away and leave everyone alone. That includes someone forcefully removing her from the recording studio and every single magazine cover. Please.

Al… Gore?

Christina Ricci needs to eat, but looked better than she has in the past few years.

Did anyone else catch that weird Prince commercial??? That was just… weird.

And I am officially just a wee bit sick of Miss Mary J. Blige. I get it. You’ve been through a lot. And I’m sorry. But now you’re sitting on a goldmine. Thanks for playing.

That’s all I’ve got for now. And I do think it is quite a bit. But if more comes along, more shall be posted.

Here’s to 2008 where the Grammys are swept by Rachael Yamagata and Garrison Starr.  And Mary J. Blige. Just for being herself. (No seriously. Norah Jones released an album last week. 2007 is already sealed up. She breathes on an album and she wins a Grammy. It’s like Newton’s Law or something.)