I’m going to bed at 3:30 in the morning because I was watching the Best Picture of the Year, The Departed, for like the nth time since I got it two weeks ago. And I’m not even close to sick of it. I think this is one of the first times that a movie I really, really, really enjoed won best picture. I wanna celebrate. Anyone down to go knock off some Guineas down Providence and have a smoke? What’s that? You don’t smoke? What are you, one of them health nuts? Yeah? Go ____ yourself. (This is family site, guys)

Rock on, Scorsese. I was thrilled with that. The man deserved it, and I am glad he got it for this phenomenal film.

And Ellen was grrrreat!!!!

My only complaints on the evening go to:
Hounsou not winning for Blood Diamond. That one hurt. Bad.
And Children of Men not getting cinematography. They must not have seen it.

Other than that, good Oscars, everyone. Well done.

(I can’t wait for the biopic Nicholson is doing on Mr. Clean.)

(Eric, this isn’t your challenge post. Not even close.)