That was a terrible movie, Wagons, East! Canadian Bacon was much better. But still stupid.
However, the title lends itself quite nicely to be the best way to describe what I think was supposed to be the main purpose of starting the blog, to keep tabs on myself these next few months. And the apparent focus of these next few months is packing up my covered wagon and hitting the trail. Oregon Trail style, except without the canibalism, getting ripped off to take a ferry across the big river, and having to kill my oxen because they get broken limbs. The Ohio-ish Trail, with much less exciting interactive capabilities. For now, at least. We can develop this later.

There hasn’t been much to say on this front, except expression of the complete fear I experience more days than not, in relation to the whole notion of moving. Don’t get me wrong, I am more excited than anything to leave behind West Coast Life, but who knows if No Coast Life is going to work.

But anyway, the adventure, as I suppose we can call it, has already begun. I’ve applied for a few jobs and have been officially rejected by one, the one I really wanted most:
The situation couldn’t have been written better by Owen and Wes themselves. Carelessly thumbing through the throw-away mail and letters that are meant to look important, I nearly skipped right past a postcard that had a beautiful picture of the Cincinnati Museum Center on the front and the back a classic, two-column postcard. One bearing the label of my name, address and in parenthesis “SENIOR YOUTH PROGRAM COORDINATOR,” and the other a typed out message with blanks to be filled in by the person delivering the bad news. Specific information, you know, like “MS. GRAHAM” “SENIOR YOUTH PROGRAM COORDINATOR.” and a note saying if I wanted to apply for another job later on, that my application is on file. I thought the postcard was a nice touch. You know, like “Ha, this is where you’re not going to be working.”
I was upset for a good five minutes, but then carried on as usual and left the postcard in a pile of throw away mail, only realizing later that I should have kept it. One should keep record of her defeats, as well as victories.

So, now we wait some more. Spirits slightly damaged, but press on we must. My next in-stone leg of the journey comes at the end of March when I will venture to Cincinnati in search of potential places to live as well as employment. I’m looking forward to the trip. I’ll have a rental car to do some driving around and exploring and really getting a feel for the city when I’m Han Solo. I’m actually most excited for driving around and finding things out about the city that maybe, possibly will become home. I think it’ll be good. And it will be a nice break before the final push of school.

Graduation is May 30th at 8 am, even though the semester ends a week prior. I’m excited, but mostly nervous. Hopefully some news will surface soon that will help quiet my brain. I hope my mailbox starts bearing excellent surprises and news. One can only hope.

Til next time… Wagons, East!

PS- Iain got some good news today, he got into Ohio State. I’m beaming with Older Sister Pride and can only hope he picks the option of being my neighbor to the North.