By Wednesday morning I could be 340 million dollars richer. Could be. I don’t remember what those statistics are, but I think that I either have a better chance or dying in a scuba diving accident, or a better chance of developing a third eye, than I do of winning the Mega Millions lottery. But considering I don’t scuba dive, and a third eye would make me loads of money in book deals, tv gigs, Oprah, documentaries, action figures, inspirational literature, and so on, I’d say my chances are looking pur-he-he-tty good of being verra’ rich, verra’ soon.

In other news:
I bought myself a fancy pants Palm Pilot this weekend. It’s pretty awesome and I love having my massive to-do’s all in one place. The reverse of that is that after I put in all the things I have to do I realized my my life is pretty action packed between now and the Anthro Expo Conference on March 21st.
Let’s go on vacation.