Never tell me the odds.

In less than two hours I *may* be 300 million+ dollars richer.

That’s not much time left in the non-millionaires club (I’ll miss you ALL!), but I’ve been thinking long and hard about this and I’ve come up with my plan. After all, it is crucial to know what were going to do with such an important decision, like having a bank account that has a couple extra million sitting in it.

Of course these things all come after retiring the parents, and making sure friends and family are taken care of for as long as they’d like. And donating a gigantic chunk to a charity.

First, we’re all going on vacation. Lots of Mediterranean sailing, lots of eating, lots of sightseeing and loads of good times. Barcelona, Marseille, Nice, San Remo, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Sicily, Venice, San Marino and then maybe hanging out on Santorini for a few weeks.

When we get back home I’m going to buy a great big farmhouse on a great big piece of green. Giant trees, grassy meadows, an overgrown garden, snow in the winter and cool nights in the summer. Maybe near a river or a stream. I’ll probably buy an elephant to live with me on my farm. Just to prove that I can.

I’ll also need an incredible treehouse. Like the one on the cover of this book. Maybe one level of the treehouse will be a recording studio and musicians that come and record there can stay in the guest house and hang out with me and Manfred the Wonder Elephant.

In the small town that will be near my farmhouse, I’m going to want to open a used bookstore/cafe/diner/live music venue. It’ll be gardeny looking with those small white Christmas lights and awesome little enclaves to come and sit and read. And in the back on the giant porch the perfect place for summer concerts. In the winter we’ll clear out the reading room for warmth and shake-your-ass-to-the-rock space.

I’m going to need to be going to Africa, especially Egypt. And I’d need to go eat sushi in Japan, Mongolian Beef in Mongolia and swim with fishies in the Great Barrier Reef. Really swim with the fishies. Not metaphorically. I’d like to go to Brazil and into the rainforests, but there are lots of snakes there. So we can’t stay long. And I’d have to go back to Iguazu falls. And pretty much the rest of South America.

When I am tired of traveling, I’ll open a children’s art museum/culture center (both an art museum for children and a museum of children’s art) and it will be free and wonderful and colorful and fantastic.

Yep, that’s what I’ll do alright.

T-minus 1 hour, 12 minutes.

What about you? What are we doing with your millions?

My numbers were 15 20 22 29 44 and my “Mega Number” was 46.
Those were not the winning numbers.
What a bite!

I still think we should do all of those things I talked about though. And I still want to know what you’d do with your millions. We’ll get ’em next time around.