Lavender! COME ON, PEOPLE!!!
I almost never ever watch, but when I do I usually get my butt kicked puh-rhetty darn bad. It’s refreshing when I get 10% of the questions right. I feel like I have some sort of greater purpose in life.

Anyway, no news to report so far. I really just wanted an excuse to post this picture somewhere.

It’s from a NYT article about facial yoga which is *kind of* interesting. I mostly just find that picture really funny.

And this:
A Darjeeling Limited Update, which has both old and new, somewhat interesting information. Like this:

But there are not that many laughs in The Darjeeling Limited, which in Anderson’s usual quirky style, features talking animals, lost parents and slightly deranged siblings. The brothers believe their father, played by Bill Murray-who went remarkably undiscovered in the two weeks he was shooting in Jodhpur-has been reborn as an albino leopard, and trace their mother to a convent where she teaches poor children.

Talking animals? Bill Murray as a talking animal? Bill Murray as Garfield in a Wes Anderson movie? Oh. Okay. This is the first I’ve heard of Murray, and it is yet to be confirmed on his imdb, but investigative reporting shall commence perhaps later or tomorrow. I’ll let you know. Or you can let me know. (So far my only confirmation is from a Livejournal post that contains the same article.)

Anyway, that’s all I have for you now. It’s time to watch The Guardian. Kevin Costner is bottom of the list for me and Ashton Kutcher is too goofy to be taken seriously sometimes. Should be excellent.

You know what was NOT excellent? The Guardian.