A) It’s snowing! Well, I call it snow. Everyone else in the Midwest would probably call it “flurries” but it’s kind of sticking! I think! I took more pictures of the less than one inch of snow than I have taken in my entire trip so far. I’m acting 5 years old and I am okay with that. Hopefully by next winter this whole “weather” thing is old news to me, otherwise I will probably have a lot less friends.

B) I would upload some of these snow pictures… if I weren’t using my Grandma’s computer. Which is brand spankin’ new. It’s very nice. Pretty. Filled with goodies. One of those data port thingers on the front that has a slot for 8 million different memory cards and the 2 USB cables. But running on dial-up. It just seems like such a terrible waste. And it has reminded me how I would imagine dial-up as a punishment for shoplifting in some countries. It’s also forced me to sign onto AOL which I do maybe, maybe, MAYBE once a year. My inbox has 389 e-mails in it. One day, when I’m bored, I may go through these. Maybe I’m sitting on a mountain of unopened e-mails that say I’ve won a bazillion dollars. Or maybe I’m missing out on some good perscription drug deals. The world may never know.

C) My cell phone charger was left in Cincinnati at Aunt Mary’s. So I’ve got dial up and no cell phone. Tonight it looks like we’re gonna party like its 1999. Yay?

D) Apparently I now “knit.” My grandma is teaching me and I am not really learning. It’s not as easy as it seems and I keep making these giant knots that make my grandma say “You know, Chhhhhhhhelsea… you keep making the same mistake.” (Note: I do not see this “mistake.”) My first scarf is going to be this pretty green color that is colored like good veggies, but smells much nicer.
Anyway, maybe my Christmas 2032 you will all have a scarf or mittens. Put in color requests now. First come, first serve!!!!

I think that’s all for now.
New Office tomorrow night!!! I hope Roy keeps his dirty hands off my man. But if he does handle my man, I hope Jim knows I’ll go out and stock up on frozen peas, vanilla ice cream and rent us the entire first season of Good Times or somesing.

Also, according to Aunt Lynn, cousins and Grandma, I need to start working on editing my vocabulary.
(Silena- You’ve earned a few points here. My Aunt called me out on saying “market,” like you always do. She says I have to start saying “store.” See, you’re already better adjusted than I am!)