I wanna post a link to some pretty cruddy, yet still cool, photos of F.H. John Krasinski (here and here) on the set of The Cloon’s new project Leatherheads, a romantic comedy starring The Cloon, John, and Renee Zellweger set around a football team in the 20’s. The pictures aren’t anything spectacular, but the costume is cool.

Speaking of Krasinski…
I really enjoyed Jarhead, and for reasons beyond the obvious arsenal of Future Husbands. It’s the story of a platoon of Marines being called to “action” during Desert Storm and finds itself being a sobering look at war and politics laced with some bitter comedy, I enjoyed it and was pretty entertained throughout. I suggest you see it.
Anyway, I had read somewhere that John had a small role in Jarhead but couldn’t remember who he was for the life of me. I’m sure I would remember if he were one of the main guys in the platoon, and I was fairly sure he wasn’t. (By the way, if you go on YouTube and type in John Krasinski and Jarhead, you get some silly home video style footage of him and some of the other “extra” marines on the set killing time in between takes. It’s entertaining once you’ve seen the movie)
A few weeks ago I caught it on HBO and was tuned in to find Krasinski, which I did. Later to research and find that he actually wrote some of the dialogue himself. All the more reason for you to check it out!!!

I am so proud.