My bags are (not) packed and I’m (not) ready to go, but I just wanted to take a quick minute to announce my much delayed return to Southern California this evening.

This has been an absolutely awesome trip and has really given me more reasons to stay than I can think of to leave (one being that I gotta finish up that whole school thing. [Don’t worry, I miss you all, too]). I’m harvesting a plan right now that might make a lot of things work for the better and would put me Midwested by Mid-June. More details on this later.

This feels right. And as nervous and scared it all makes me, I know that this is going to be better for everything. Right? Right.

Oh, Midwest, you’ve stolen my heart yet again.

(Unrelated note: Aunt Lynn, Brian, Bradley, Grandma and I ate at Hong Kong Buffet (Reason 28392 I’m moving) for lunch today and there was just the most incredible display of Engrish everywhere you looked. It made me smile and laugh, and for the most part I kept it to myself, but it was difficult. Oh, was it difficult.)