In honor of the Fox News Store (you know, like The Disney Store but for Republican nut jobs.) I saw in Houston tonight, I present to you the most shocking/awesome/shocking thing I ever seen.

Geraldo Rivera, you’re my hero????

(Travel update: There really was a Fox News Store in the George Bush International Airport. I really did get a picture. And last night, when I got in and I was walking down the stairs to baggage claim and at the bottom of the stairs, did I see my mother? My brother? Steve Martin? No, but! I did see my very dear friend and fellow science center scientist, Robin!!!!!! Very small world. Very small world indeed. Then… when Iain and mom and I were waiting for my baggage we watched as the carousel ANNIHILATED not one, but TWO suitcases. One of the rolly ones with the pop up handle (the handle got stuck somewhere and COMPLETELY ripped clean of the suitcase, taking half the fabric with it) and a giant box that was taped shut and looked like it had lost half of it’s belongings on the rough ride down the slide. Iain called it “The Harrison Ford Luggage Carousel.”) Also, I’ve returned home to a computer that isn’t making sound. Any takers on helping to fix this little problemo?)