We all eat. And I am sure we all eat some super yummy things from time to time and these things are worth sharing.

Yesterday I was putting things away in the freezer and came across an old friend, my Smokey Robinson microwave dinner I bought months ago but neglected to eat. The decision was made at that moment that this was going to be my Monday evening dinner. And also the inaugural post for my newest feature, SEA FOODS. I start this new feature with slight hesitation. In slightly over two months I will no longer be eating free-o-charge at the Graham Eatery, but will have to apply my skills to create my own dishes. Nightly. Cooking for one sucks, but it could be interesting.
I digress.
I’ve been thinking about Smokey in my tummy all day and while I did develop a gnarly pizza craving about mid-afternoon, I was sticking to the plan. Pizza would be around forever, and who knows how long Smokey’s mealtime magic would last. So, on the way home from school, I swung by the market and picked up my absolute favorite bottle of red wine and marched in the kitchen, determined to zap a feast that will be the welcome post for a most excellent new feature. However, little did I know that Grahamama had the kitchen all prepared for THE ONLY meal that could possibly be better than Smokey as an inaugural post: MYOP.
What is MYOP, you ask?
When I was in elementary school my mom picked me up one day and I asked what we were having dinner, to which she replied “MYOP.” (It was a change of pace from her normal quip of “Food”)
“What’s MYOP?” I eagerly asked.
“You’ll see.” She replied.
Later that night I learned that MYOP stood for Make Your Own Pizza. My mother turns the kitchen into her very own pizzeria with toppings galore, homemade dough, sauce and cheese. It was, and still is, one of the coolest meal ideas ever. You can shape the dough however you want (Mickey Mouse is popular) and top it how you want (spellings of names are always loved)When I am settled, we’ll have a MYOP party. You’ll see. Loads of fun. I promise.

Tonight, was MYOP.
And boy, did I ever MMOP.

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First thing’s first. You gotta get the sauce on your dough.

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Then, you’ve gotta put your toppings on. I am a big fan of cheese on top. It just works out nicely. I was feeling basic and veggie tonight, so we’ve got bell pepper, onions and freshly sliced garlic.

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Then, of course, The Cheese with some garlic salt on top for kick.

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Put it in the oven for some pizza magic.

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And WHAMMY! You just MYOP’d.

For the record, I had three slices and all were outstanding and filling. Whew.

I would say that tomorrow was going to be the night for Smokey, but our menu is already planned. No one is going to be home, so I am Han Solo for dinner. Mom bought me a nice Dover Sole filet, so I’ll do that up with some lemon garlic pepper goodness (Bloggings included) and then Wednesday I shall dine with Smokey and blog of its greatness. Promise.

Til next time, eat up, Kiddo.