As promised, this week is going to be a triforce of our newest feature, Sea Foods.

Last night was Sea Foods foray into seafood. Dover Sole fillets to be exact, and boy, were they good. They didn’t necessarily look so pretty when plated, but the taste is what matters and the taste is what sold it.

It was just going to be me and Dad for dinner, but my dear friend Silena was Han Solo for dinner so I made room for one more and she came over and kept me cooking company, which is the very best kind.
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That was pretty good, too.

This was my fist time cooking a fish that was this thin and delicate, and I did not fare well in keeping it in once piece. Slightly embarrassing, but like I said, it tasted fantastic.

The first step was to cook the rice pilaf which was going to take the longest. I don’t know if you’ve ever had rice pilaf, but it’s one of my favorite rice dishes ever and pairs beautifully with seafood. Check it out.
While the rice was cooking I sliced up some fresh garlic, picked a lemon off the tree and got my supplies ready to conquer the fish.

When the time came to cook up my fillets, I melted the butter in the pan and then threw on the garlic, sure to take it out before it burned (though I could eat burned garlic any day of the week, a lot of people don’t like it). Then I put on the fillet and squirted it with a bit of lemon.
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Here’s where I faced my greatest challenge, flipping the fish without getting it to fall apart. I had more failure than success. When it was done being mutilated and cooked, I put the garlic back in and gave it another minute or two of cook time before plating with the pilaf, that was delicious and fluffy and the broccoli, that were Steamfresh perfection. One more hearty lemon squeeze and a dash of paprika and the sucker was ready for consumption.

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Like I said, a plated disaster, but the fish melted in your mouth and the garlic and lemon was perfectly balanced with the paprika, none more overpowering than the other.

I was impressed with my creation and wish you could have tried some.

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Tonight we will finally reach the pinnacle of our Sea Foods feature: Smokey Robinson’s mealtime creations.

Stay tuned. It’s gonna be a bloodbath.