Here you have it, folks. The star of the show. The post you (I) have all been waiting for…
The Smokey Robinson Microwave Dinner Food Review!!!

As many of you are aware, a few months ago I was browsing the frozen dinner section of my local Albertson’s when I noticed a friendly smile peeking out from behind the fogged over glass. Could it be? I knew it must be. I’d recognize that face lift anywhere. It was in fact Smokey Robinson. Smokey and I have no recent history, but one of the first songs I really liked when I was little was “You Really Got a Hold On Me.” Fond, fond, fond memories of that song. Smokey’s face is like the familiar ice cream man from your childhood, a representation of simpler, easier times. And though he’s gone through a hell of a lot to keep that face as close to the way it was, it still holds a special place in my heart, as scary as it may be.

The choice was clear. I had to try
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Smokey Robinson’s Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

It was a lunchtime treat today that I split with my brother and fearless taster, Iain.

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I followed the microwave directions to the tee. Even the “for better results” clause which often gets ignored when zapping your dinner with microwaves.

(I don’t know how the hell we let this happen, but there is a photo of the actual cooked dish missing. I’ve failed you, but we shall press on anyway. We do have this:

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When it was removed from the oven it did have a distinct “gumbo” aroma that got me excited for what I was about to enjoy.
Sadly, upon actually examining the dish one could not help but notice the chicken was a rare find and the saussage was practically missing. Now I guess I’ve never had good, traditional, “down home” gumbo, but it seems to me that there should be some sort of vegetable substance to the mixture. All we got was okra. There was rice-a-plenty and sauce that it could have benefited from not being so thin and watery, but no heart. The portion size seemed decent, no where near filling enough, but I guess it was okay for being a bowl mostly filled with rice and watered down gumbo sauces. So far Smokey was striking out on appearance.

But taste… well, it was okay. Not too bad. Not too great, but definitely not too bad. The chicken that was there wasn’t too microwave tasting and the saussage still had a little bite to it which was nice. I wish there were more veggies or goodies to be found in the gumbo, but it was pretty Plain Jane. It was fairly spicy for being “mild” and at times I was unsure if I was able to taste it to its full potential or if I was just tasting spicy.

Nearing the end of this small meal I got an idea to take out a piece of sourdough bread and pile a little of the rice sauce mixture on top and take it around town.

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And let me tell you, THAT is how you eat Smokey’s gumbo. I wish I knew that from the beginning because I feel that the whole thing would have been much better on a good piece of sourdough than by itself.

All in all, not terrible, but not great. It was no mealtime miracle, but far from being a total bomb. If you’re in the mood for gumbo, don’t buy this product. You can make better gumbo, I knows it. If you’re in the mood for a cheap novelty food and conversation starter to put on top of a good piece of sourdough, Smokey is your man and he won’t do you wrong.

Til next time, kiddo.