Well, kids, it’s been two whole weeks and I think I’m finally ready to get back down to the regularly scheduled program.
If you missed it, which you very well may have, I was in Ohio for a little over a week and a half, getting a feel for the place I may very soon be calling “home.” It was an excellent trip and a lot has since come into perspective.

And upon my return I have been making a lot of efforts to regulate the blogspace, but it’s been difficult. School is back in full swing and your favorite full-time student will soon be working 40 hours a week at the Nursery. Seven days a week of either work or school or both will get a little bit rougher, but I need the money and I need to move. Let’s make it happen.

I digress.

I present to you your Welcome Back Kotter Edition of Phriday Foto.

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Tracy, Erica Jean and Brianna, my darling Anthro Amigos that accompanied me tonight on my visit to The Mint to see the wonderful Garrison Starr (more on this later).

We’re gonna make this better. Promise.