On the same day that Bush claims he is ‘horrified’ by the terrible, senseless and shocking shootings at Virginia Tech, he pulls more of the same old weasley shit in effort to ensure that we send more students, men, women, young and old, to die. And for what? I seem to lose track, seeing as our day-to-day justification changes.

Mr. Bush says Congress owes America’s fighting men and women no less.

And what do you owe them, Mr. Bush?

‘Horrified.’ That’s a really great word.

Edit: I’ve yet to take Sea Babble too seriously yet. And for that I’ve been struggling as to if I should take down this post or not. I want it to be known that I am not in any way trying to politicize what happened today. This post isn’t about the shooting and quite frankly, I’m beside myself feeling dejected, scared and confused over this horrible and senseless act. My heart goes out to everyone who is hurting, and tonight, I think we’re all hurting at least a little bit.

That being said, I find it extremely crucial that these kinds of points be made that show the hypocrisy and mindless thinking that is going on at the top of our society. People need to become more aware of the bigger picture of what’s going on here and abroad. Informed decision making starts with becoming informed and I hope we all take it upon ourselves to do so.

Again, I’m sorry if this comes off as politicizing something as heartbreaking as the events of the day, it wasn’t meant to do so.
As always, thanks for reading and much much love.