Look at what Future Husband John Krasinski has been up to!!!!

Besides locking lips with Mandy Moore… (And really, for a minute here I just want to say that I’d love to be her. She’s drop dead gorgeous, gets to record/write with Rachael Yamagata *and* gets to make out with John Krasinski. I’d make out with John Krasinski. For hours. And you wouldn’t even have to pay me millions of dollars. Ya hear that, Warner Bros.??? I’d do it for free. F-R-E-E.)…He’s making movies galore! Leatherheads, Shrek the Third and License to Wed. And I am so proud of my darling.
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I’ve gotta learn photoshop.

Though this one is my favorite.
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How! Adorable! Oh, John. Is this the garden we’re getting married in? Are you just checking it out? Because I approve.

I’ll take care of him. And grill him salmon. I’ll even practice and try really hard to keep it in once piece. And sneak surprise presents in his suitcase when he travels. And we can go on drives to random roadside attractions and listen to good music and then at the end of the day tell eachother stories by the fireplace. It would really be the best thing ever. I promise. Someone give him my number.

(Limited-Time Offer: July 4, 2007… I know everyone (including me) wants to see Transformers… BUT! If someone goes and sees License to Wed with me, I’ll go see Transformers the very next day! AND I’ll buy your ticket and snacks. How about THEM apples.)