For the penny pincher, bringing your own lunch to work and/or school is crucial. Buying daily lunches can add up to pretty nasty amounts and at the end of the week I’d rather have the money in the bank than in the pocket of the Cal State Northridge Dining Services Tycoons.

However, packing your own lunch is no simple feat. Often times when you do pack your own lunch, it doesn’t look half as good as what some of your friends are buying and you’re tempted to save your sack lunch for another day and splurge on some Chinese or Mexican food. Resist this urge!!!
Sea Foods is taking it upon itself to pack a lunch that I couldn’t possibly find on campus that is filling, nutritious and six different kinds of yum.

The staple to any lunch from home is a good sandwich. Lucky for me, our fridge happens to be stocked with excellent sandwich materials.

That being said, we’ve just enjoyed a turkey sandwich on flatbread with ‘cado, ranch dressing, mozzarella cheese, pepperoccini and basil. Delicious. The basil was a nice touch that I hadn’t tried before but will be trying again. I’ll likely be making this again for my work lunch tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to snap some photos then.

And of course, side dishes. Though they may not be as glamourous as the sandwich, a banana always hits the spot, and a string cheese. String cheese has always had a special place in my heart and will always be one of my favorite quick snacks. In case you were curious, I recommend Frigo’s Cheese Heads for your string cheese dining adventures. Divine. (Also, Frigo’s regular mozzarella cheese is spectacular. This company can really get their cheese right.)

Photos coming soon.
But in the meantime… enjoy your lunches!