Being the show that pulled me back into the habit of being addicted to TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy has long been near and dear to my heart. Since McDreamy first comically McBonked Meredith on their first McDate, I’ve found the show a refresher in the often daytime soapy genre of prime-time drama. The dialogue was perfectly constructed, the laughs were original and witty and the characters, though terribly flawed, all had something you could relate to and appreciate (Though my ‘relate to Meredith and Derek’ moment didn’t come until this season, more on that later). Numerous episodes would have me crying with joy or empathetic sorrow, but always in the end it could, to me at least, be described as the ultimate ‘feel-good’ show. And really, for medical drama, shouldn’t the point be to feel good?

That being said, I am sad to report that this show has taken a nosedive in my book since the last five minutes of the incredibly long season two finale. Everything about this season has been off (except the excellent camping episode. I’d buy just that on DVD), and I don’t appreciate good characters that we have watched develop and grow being traded up for cheap drama by lazy writers.

Tonight Grey’s Anatomy makes its long, albeit not so awaited, return to the Thursday night schedule with an episode titled Time After Time, and I am nervous as to what character devastating plot line they’ll conjure up next, especially since the preview hints at the fact that we *finally* get to find out what happened to that baby Izzie had eleven or so years ago. Good time to bring that up. BRAAP! Being that we’re only two weeks away from the dreaded test run of the Addison spin-off, I’ve been working on a longer blog about the show, and I’ll post it as soon as I’ve seen tonight’s episode with those notes included.

Stay tuned and stay close. We may need the defibrillator on this one.

Post-Ep Follow-Up:
Maybe it’s because I went into this episode expecting the absolute worst. Maybe it’s because my standards were lowered at the end of such a long day, but I truly feel that tonight was a return to the Grey’s Anatomy that I remember from not that long ago.

I won’t get into specifics here, because I’m incredibly tired, but a few quick points:

1. Izzie and George. Great dialogue. INCREDIBLE acting. And Izzie Stevens will continue to be the deepest heart and the sweetest soul of that show (Though I am one of the only fans of the show that didn’t really care for her and Denny). Izzie’s daughter storyline is handled much better than I thought it would be and though teeters on being pathetic, it remains on the fair side of the line.

2. That being said, I really hope the universe balances itself out as far as Callie O’Malley is concerned. I’m tired of seeing her get dragged through the mud and George and Izzie’s little episode a few weeks ago was just the icing on the cake for me. I was furious after that. Partially because they ruined the one ‘just friends’ male-female relationship on the show, but also because with that they’ve ruined Callie as a character. She doesn’t know now, but when she finds out, well, it’s gonna be hard to watch. Previous to this, I attributed Callie’s angst over George and Izzie to her low self-esteem and George’s inability to recognize that and empathize with her situation. But now she’s justified in her emotions and it hurts. Bad. We need to fix this, somehow, and soon. And I’m not talking about making her an heiress (Worst. Storyline. Ever.)

3. I know that Addison is on her way out of Seattle Grace (a fact I’d rather not discuss yet), but her absence on the show recently is painfully noticeable. They’re writing her out by giving her five minutes of screen time an episode and from being a character who used to give SO much to the show and was a sort of anchor for everyone, to someone who can barely be called a supporting character is awkward and cheap. I miss her already. Sweet, sweet Kate Walsh earned my respect in season two and I’m sad to see her get fed to the wolves of spin-offs.

4. As much as I hate Mark Sloane (McSteamy) I must admit that I love to hate him. Tonight, though he can be called nothing less than an ass, he added the much needed comic relief. His awkward yet hilarious role of dating mentor to The Chief is something I’m going to love looking forward to, though I doubt he’s around for much longer, either.

That being said, it’s an episode worth checking out. Not quite all the way there yet, but we’re getting better. Hopefully this is an out-patient treatment.

More later. It’s nearing 1 AM and I’m spent.