My goodness! Apologies for my lack of any sort of attention to this blog these past few days, but my home time has been minimal. And I’ve missed you all.

Friday saw the Anthropology Adventure of 2007 (Thus far… more on this as I am given liberty to discuss… but there’s something brewing offshore… down Central America way…), which consisted of myself, Lupe and Erica Jean packing up the Highlander and heading East to Fantastic (no… um…) Wonderful (err… no… Ah!) Dirty Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve never been a fan of Las Vegas. Kind of a suck hole for all the stuff I think is wrong/immoral/unfun. Though it has its highlights, it’s just not my kind of town (Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead, call me a prude).
ANYWAY, after a “brief” shopping stop at Primm (Old Navy AND Gap Outlets? Dirt cheap yet totally rocking clothes? Chelsea’s in trouble), we were on our way into Vegas. Our hotel was out near Nellis AFB and though it stunk having to drive into the strip, it was redeemed by the massive amount of fighters that would be flying overhead. So totally kick ass awesome.

We got to grab dinner with my cousin Greg and his lovely fiancee Stacy at Bahama Breeze, which was lovely and then it was off to the strip for fun, fun, fun. I played slot machines and didn’t win a cent. On the other hand, Lupe played slots and won 77 bucks! Go figure!

We walked around, went to a club called “Roadhouse” but decided that we had better get back to the hotel in order to be up for our Archaeology trip in the morning.

Well, we were supposed to go with the kids from UNLV’s Anthro Student Association, but due to some unfortunate lack of communication, we never got to meet up with them and instead hiked around Red Rock by ourselves. We got to see some pictographs which was totally awesome, and I got sunburned. Which hurts. And is not totally awesome.

After a short stop at Whole Foods to grab snacks, we headed off to home and made it back in plenty of time for me to see Adam and meet his girlfriend who is in town from Iowa, Leah.

Yesterday was a day of work, school and nursery and I grabbed dinner with my good friend Amanda who is in town from school in Boston for a wedding. We ate at The Farm. The food was good, but that was the most expensive salad I’ve ever eaten. Unless I win the lottery, I’m not going back there ever again. Or at least not going back and ordering a salad with chicken which bumps up the already expensive price by $6.50. No, thank you. 🙂

And last night my brother Iain and I watched Brick. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (the forever young boy from 3rd Rock from the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You) as a very smart, very daring, old soul who is hot on the case as to why his ex-girlfriend was mysteriously murdered two days after making contact with him since their break up three months prior. Well, what I thought was just going to be a rip on film noir, was written by someone who actually truly understands the genre. The dialogue was perfect and almost awkward being that their high school students, but think along the lines of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet and having to get used to the Elizabethan English in Miami, Florida. After a while you stop trying to understand every metaphor and just look for the general plot line. They slow it down and back off on the lexicon when it’s something really important you need to understand. I like film noir, especially the dialogue, but I was thrown when it was coming from the mouths of 17 year olds who act 30 something. If you can get past that, it’s a pretty good flick, slightly disturbing but mostly entertaining and spiced with a few good laughs and fun cinematography. It’s a rental. Check it out.
And big thanks to Iain for making me watch it.

FINALLY, to round up the headlines, you need to go look at this. This chick digs these scars. Especially when you caused them yourself making your creepy grin ten times more creepy. Can’t wait.