Kind of.

According to a few sources, Sara Ramirez (the foxy fox who plays crapped on Callie O’Malley in aforementioned Grey’s Anatomy) will be shedding her scrubs during the summer hiatus to record an album, co-written by Eric Idle.


Normally I shun such behavior. You’ve got a talent and stick with it. Let the singers be singers and the actors be actors and let’s just carry on. But, I have significantly less of a problem with Ms. Ramirez, being that she came to Seattle Grace from starring in a musical, Spamalot (hence the Idle connection). And may I add, this got her the title of Tony Award Winning Sara Ramirez…

That being said, there is still an air of mystery around Callie’s involvement in the upcoming-sure-as-hell-gonna-happen-even-if-they’re-gonna-run-it-into-the-damn-ground season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy and I am hoping that her singing career doesn’t keep her from seeing patients and being the ballsy yet terribly insecure doctor I adore.

When Ramirez first showed up on the series, the mean and awful things that people were saying about her around the online community made me furious and just that much more happy about her place in the show. I’ve become a fan of the woman she is and the woman she is trying so hard to be. I want Callie to make good, I want her to be happy and I want her character to grow. I hope they make that happen.

That being said, I have pondered the end of the season storyline that I fear will play out if things continue on the path they’re on and from the previews for tonight’s episode, it’s full steam ahead.

Tonight sees another new episode of Grey’s. Desire looks like one of the “funnier” episodes that they usually throw in right before something incredibly dramatic. A kind of “clean the slate/set up” episode for stuff to come. Usually, these are some of my favorites (This season’s Camping episode I mentioned before! Brilliant! I’ll say it again! Brilliant!), but the previews offer a glimpse into what can only be called “thin ice” as far as I am concerned.
Tread lightly, Ms. Rhimes. You’ve got fans in the balance.