The Fugitive is truly one of the greatest movies ever made. It’s presently 12:37 AM and I just finished catching up on my Thursday night television (That got started late because I got sucked into X-Files. One of the episodes guest starring a very swarmy Michael McKean. A pretty sucky episode, too. But I still watched.) and as I turned on the TV, like some sort of weird psychic event, The Great Harrison Ford was being stopped by Tommy Lee Jones right before he dives off the edge of the dam into the waters below. Whammy! I’m hooked! I couldn’t turn it off now, even if I wanted to.
I think Richard Kimble is the fourth greatest Harrison Ford character of all time ever, and Tommy Lee Jones (almost) never lets me down. I saw this movie for the first time with my parents at the drive-in and remember being scared then. I’ve seen at least a dozen times in total and I’m still on pins and needles every time I see it. (I watched it about six months ago and caught Jane Lynch for the first time!)
Action. Suspense. Drama. Heart. Ford. Jones. Moore (who looks like Dana Scully’s long lost sister here). Timeless.
But that’s enough of that. I don’t think a review for a 14 year old movie would be very fun for anyone to read 🙂

Okay. The Fugitive is over. There’s more X-Files on TNT. And I’m not tired yet. Lovely.

TV talk in the morning.