This is my favorite photo I took this week:
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Taken in traffic on the way home from a fantastic night filled with food, furniture and fun at:

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IKEA with Silena and our good friend Shelley (right).

Happy weekend, loves!

Speaking of weekend… Kind of… this SUNDAY NIGHT yours truly plans on hitting the hay mighty early in order to wake up super duper early for personal hero STEPHANIE MILLER ON MSNBC MONDAY MORNING!!!!
That’s right! Monday through Wednesday of this week, the lovely, smart, hilarious, and ever fabulous Stephanie Miller will be filling in three days of the recently vacated Don Imus spot!

That being said, this mainly applies to my East Coast pals who might be up at 6-9 in the morning, or will remember to set their TIVOs. I, however, lacking TIVO technology and an apparent need for sleep… will be waking up at 3 and powering through at least a little bit of Momma on the TV Monday morning. Expect a fully groggy bloggy to follow.

Stephanie is part of the Air America line up (check your local listings) and offers the perfect balance of fact, opinion and humor that makes digesting some of the political goings on of our days so much easier.

I’m glad she’s getting this opportunity and hope that it may lead to bigger and better things for her! Rock on, Stephanie. We’re behind you 110%.

(Big thanks to Unpaid Intern John for the initial heads up on this one.)