Welcome back!
It’s lovely to see you again and I think tonight we’ve fixed up quite a treat for your visual taste buds to get all whirly over. Or at least I’d like to think so. Once again, we found ourselves Han Solo for dinner, and in an effort to save money, Albertson’s was going to provide us with the cheap tools to create a meal that can only be described as Millennium Falc-Yum.

Aside from the many hair/face/lotiony products that has turned tonight into the ultimate girls night of product testing, and turned my tab at Albertson’s up a few notches, the good people there sold me a wonderful Red Snapper fillet, a box of Near East RoastedChicken and Garlic Rice Pilaf and a good amount of fresh, leafy green spinach.

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The rice was the usual “bring the water to a boil and then let the rice-n-spice get it on over low heat for about 20 minutes” ordeal, which I followed to the tee.

I was nervous. We all know my track record with seafood has a visual presentation score of “poor”, and I was aiming to get at least a “recognizable” this time around.

I was careful, patient, and prepared to handle what Snappy Red was snappin’ at me.

First, we put some butter and garlic down to do their thing and make the bed that Snappy was about to slip into. And as the garlic was just starting to get brown, we took it out and slapped on the fish. And waited. And squirted lemon. And waited. And dashed garlic salt. And then we flip, and repeat. All while remembering to add a wee bit more butter so it wouldn’t stick to the pan. So far, so good. Until… I wanted to take a peek underneath to see what kind of magic was happening. Seeing that I was putting some stress on the structure of my specimen, I laid off for a few and just let the good times roll. Or sear. Or perhaps burn. I was nervous.

When it was good and ready to come off the heat I carefully slid if off to a plate and threw on some more lemon, butter and garlic and let my spinach get its sauté on. It was almost timed perfectly because right as the spinach was nearing the end, the rice looked ready to go and we were ready to serve.

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It didn’t fall apart and the taste was delightful. I managed to get a little of each element on the fork a few times and it made for quite an enjoyable engagement of flavor.

I think Red Snapper is my favorite fish. It’s easy with a light taste and melting texture. And it was only $2.00/lb. at Albertsons! If you’re adventurous and like spicy, try it with schezwan sauce. Last time I was at one of my all time favorite restaurants, Gladstone’s, I had Snapper for the first time and it was the most amazing marriage of spicy and delicate that taste buds had ever experienced in the history of fire. Or seafood.

That’s all for now.

Til next time, kiddos, eat your veggies.