Probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life was chosing my college major after watching Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Anthropology has allowed me to explore so many aspects of learning that I love; culture, history, science, literature, oral tradition and music.
The latter three springing mainly from my newest academic love, Folklore. I’ve been lucky enough to have two outstanding Folklore professors at CSUN and am convinced that if/when I do that whole Master’s/Doctorate thing, it will have to be in folklore. Luckily two of the three best schools in the country for Folklore studies are in the Midwest.

ANYWAY, this semester my Folklore seminar has us writing a final paper on urban legends. So, naturally, before the paper we research.

And I came across this urban legend which may be my new favorite.
I guess we can call it Eddie Murphy-lore?

Gisela Klein, 48, was waiting for the elevator to take her to the ground floor of Manhattan’s luxurious Ritz Carlton where she was planning to meet her husband for dinner. As she waited, Eddie Murphy and his bodyguards appeared from their rooms and stood next to her.
Klein was so nerve-wracked by New York’s fearsome reputation as a hotbed of crime that she was convinced the Hollywood superstar and his burly security men were muggers.
When one of the security officers told her to “hit the floor” (as in the button), Klein fell to her knees sobbing and begging for them to spare her. The men were slightly confused but then laughed and helped her off the floor.
When Gisela and her husband later checked out after their week-long stay, they found the highhearted comedian had paid their $3,500 hotel bill in full.
Eddie even left a note for her saying, “Madam, our encounter was one of the nicest and funniest moments in my life. If only all women would fall at me [sic] feet like you did.
“But since you didn’t have as much fun as we had, I have paid your hotel bill for you.”
Eddie Murphy


That being said! Tell me your urban legends for my paper!!! Please! Surely there’s some ghost that walks a road near your house. Or a friend of a friend knows a babysitter that got some menacing phone calls… well, you know the rest.
Let’s hear ’em kids! Or, if you wanna hear some good ones, I’ve got a couple legends and ghost stories that’ll knock your socks off. Surely.