And it is with the advertisement from this week’s TV Guide that I come to terms and face the music of what’s happening to Grey’s Anatomy.

You’re Addison Montgomery, not That Girl.

“COULD change Grey’s Anatomy FOREVER.”

Well, I’ll go ahead and spoil it for ya:
It will change Grey’s Anatomy forever.
And at this point, to be totally honest, I think it might be for the better (To be discussed on Thursday).

I had read somewhere that Kate Walsh has a clause in her contract for the spin-off, tentatively titled Private Practice, that she would be written back into Grey’s Anatomy if the show didn’t go so well. Yeah, I’d like to see them even *try* to fix the damage they’ve done to Addison’s character after this thing (hopefully) flops.

Don’t get me wrong, since she knocked me on my ass at the end of season one with the catty “You must be the woman who’s sleeping with my husband” line which left me counting down the days to season two all summer long, Kate Walsh has developed into one of my favorite actresses and she deserves the recognition she’s getting. However, I don’t want the producers and writers of this show to think that just because Grey’s is one of the highest rated shows on television that they destroy its heart and milk it for all it’s worth, when in reality it’s worth a goldmine as it was. I just wish Kate could get what she’s earned by being the level headed and passionate OB/GYN we all have come to love and forgive, instead of one step away from being a new character on Nip/Tuck.(Don’t get me wrong, I love Nip/Tuck, but those reasons are entirely different and will be discussed in September when the Christian Troy Sized Season 5 begins, or maybe even sooner. Who knows?).

ANYWAY, I’ll post something more episode-specific this Thursday for the two-hour event, The Other Side Of Life. Stay tuned. Thar be rough waters ahead.