Was… AWESOME! She’s funny, smart and beautiful and had some interesting people calling in, especially since a lot of people had never even heard of her before.

I had very little trouble waking up at 2:45 this morning (thanks to my Starbucks days), and got cozied on the big comfy couch with some tea and a blanket and laughed my way into this morning’s sunrise.

One thing I am going to miss when I move is AirAmerica. They used to have it in Cincinnati (and Columbus, too) but after the last election AirAmerica got dropped from a lot of cities lineups. Hmm. Interesting. But that’s another blog for another day.

Anyway, if you want some laughs over well-known female impersonator Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity’s hair helmet or Bill O. the Perv-O., tune in. Or, if the morning doesn’t work out check out StepahnieMiller.com. It eases the pain. 🙂