If you love the 1995 instant classic Houseguest starring Sinbad and the late, great Phil Hartman, then you’ve often fantasized about the only way that you’d ever set foot on a golf course, and that is if Kevin Franklin is challenging you to 18 holes of speedgolf (SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDGOLF, for those in the know.). I know I have.

Well, since I saw the movie, I always imagined that Kevin Franklin actually invented the sport in an effort to hurry through a game of golf with Gary and his rich golf buddies.
WELL, Wikipedia Brown… you’ve done it again!

According to Wikipedia, speedgolf was actually invented in California in 1979. No doubt by a man posing as a houseguest in a yuppie suburb while hiding out from a man named Happy, who was potentially about to become not happy.

Furthermore, the Wikipedia post will guide you to many other interesting links, including one to the official page of the sport and a map for an ideal speedgolf course.

I must admit, I am slightly saddened to learn that Kevin Franklin was not the originator of the sport and should have taken Jeffrey Jones more seriously in the film when he had said he heard of it, instead of writing it off as him trying to sound important and hip on the lingo.