I think it’s very telling that it’s taken me so incredibly long to get down to writing this post. There’s really so much to discuss and so much to explore and question, that I don’t even really know where to begin. But, I did want to get my say in before tonight’s two-hour Grey’s Anatomy hit the air, so let’s get down to it.

(Sorry for the absurd length. :\ )

Preview for tonight’s episode, The Other Side of This Life.

At the end of last season, I found myself relieved and slightly angry. On the relieved front, I didn’t like Denny’s storyline and was glad to see him go (Though cried like a baby this season when he saw Izzie and she couldn’t see him. Killer). And I never really thought Izzie had proven herself as a doctor and was okay with her resignation. And Alex finally showed the side of himself that we all knew was somewhere under the sandpaper exterior (There were others, but these were the main ones). The anger of this night sprung from Meredith and Derek sneaking off to do it in an exam room while Addison and Finn (who was always too good for Meredith anyway), sat downstairs totally being taken for fools by the show’s leading man and lady. What I found most interesting about this entire situation is that I felt bad for Addison, granted my sympathy for her started much earlier in season 2, season 1 ended with me wanting to punch her in the freakin’ face. Quite topsy turvy, if you ask me.

In the final moments of season 1, Meredith is waiting to meet McBoyfriend after work when she runs into a drop-dead gorgeous stranger, Kate Walsh. There’s something suspicious about her from the second you lay eyes on the woman, and your fears are confirmed when she very matter of factly states, “Oh, you must be the woman sleeping with my husband.”


I could simultaneously hear every single Grey’s fan in the country shouting at their television and then falling on the floor as the credits ran and we had to wait until fall to find out what the hell she meant by that. And with that, Addison started at the very bottom rung of the ladder as far as Seattle Grace’s popularity scale was concerned. She cheated on Derek with Mark and this was all we knew for a while. I think cheating is the absolute lowest thing you could do to a person or even think of doing for a person, so Addison was extra in the dog house as far as I was concerned (I’m having a field day with George and Izzie right now.). That being said, those writers worked damn hard to make her a likeable character, and Kate Walsh worked damn hard making that a loveable character worthy of our affection. By episode 4 I was completely in love with Addison. I felt for her and wanted nothing more than for her to find a man to love her and let her love him back. Which Derek never, ever did and Mark might have loved her, but let’s face it, she didn’t love Mark. She loved Derek. She’s flawed but more importantly she’s human and I couldn’t help but appreciate the character for that.

Addison has come a long way and I hate, more than anything, what they did to her last week. In the weeks prior she had been virtually missing from the hospital (probably due to filming the Private Practice portion of tonight’s episode), but last week she finally was back in a disgusting display of everything they worked hard to make Addison *not* be. Not only did she pounce Alex into a closet, and therefore breaking her promise to Mark, but at the end of the episode she went to Mark and asked him to go have a drink! She might have been taking the opportunity to be honest and try to talk things out with him, but when he rejected her because he already knew what she was going to say, I found myself being proud of Mark for maybe the second time since we met him. As if her little love makin’ session with Alex wasn’t enough, she ran to HIM when Mark rejected HER and her intentions, I fear were far less than noble here. So, what does she do? Sulks out of the hospital, and from tonight’s not so discreet preview, runs to Los Angeles with her tail between her legs.

And there you have it. Private Practice has been set up as Addison’s spin-off series that I hate to see happen.

Here’s how I see this whole thing playing out given the cards we have now (And how I am hoping it went down on the business side.). If what I am saying is how it happened, I can understand why the writers are doing what they are, and will just go ahead and apologize for saying those mean things I said to my TV the last few weeks.

But here’s what I am hoping they’re thinking:

I think back a few months to when we first heard about the possibility of an Addison spin-off. The only logic I can conjure would be that this was when they were hashing out the rest of the season. From where I’m sitting as a viewer, you’ve got too many storylines and too many characters going right now and there’s gotta be some spring cleaning. Think about how they’ve written out Mark by getting rid of Addison. He hates Seattle. Do you really think he’s sticking around after she leaves? No way. And he’s not even in the running for Chief. They just have him in there to spice it up and raise the stakes for Derek. I kind of feel bad for Mark. He’s clearly lonely and just a sad, sad man.

And Callie. As much as I love what Sara Ramirez has done here, I hope she’s not sticking around to let George drag her through the mud. She deserves better and can do better. That position open at Mercy West? I’ll give you a hint, George isn’t the one transferring. I’m willing to bet Callie is.

And then there’s Addison, whose departure we’ve already discussed.

Well, if we do a little math that brings us back to square one, season one with our original cast. And considering the corner they’ve written themselves into, this is the only option I can see working. Start fresh. And as far as Addison’s series goes? Let it bomb. Teach them that just because you have all the gold doesn’t mean you’ve gotta spend it on series like this. (Though do note that it is not officially on the fall schedule yet. They’re waiting for tonight’s reactions.).

And this is where I see us headed. It’ll be a fresh start with our original group, just a little more baggage and history to deal with. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

It hasn’t been a pretty road, but if they’re the smart writers that they’ve been up to these recent fiascos, I think we might come out okay.

Right now we’re sinking like a stone in the sea (Or a Meredith in the sound), but just hold on tight, I think help is on the way.

In other departments:

Burke and Christina: I hated the Christina’s ex-lover storyline from a few weeks ago, but they needed to give them a speed bump. Granted it was lazy writing, it served its purpose. After he left, the scene of Christina and Burke in their apartment that night made me get all choked up and nearly shed a tear. Another tear-worthy moment came from last week’s episode. I think the notion of a man being excited for a wedding is adorable. I’d like to see them working on it together, but the fact that he cares so much about it is impossibly sweet. And last week when he revealed to Izzie why he was so excited about the wedding, because he wanted to celebrate the massive amount of love he has for Christina, nearly made me melt. Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington are consistently outstanding on this show and I am glad to see them playing out each twist and turn of this relationship with such grace.

Gripe: From tonight’s preview there is a shot of the girls getting fitted for dresses and Callie is one of them. I’m sorry, but Christina wouldn’t ask Callie to be a bridesmaid. Sorry, just wouldn’t happen.

Meredith and Derek: Many fans have long loved this relationship. I was never crazy about it, but always found it to have its moments. But the elemental flaw in the entire relationship is the very basis for which we want it to exist. We want them to truly be in love, which goes far beyond just realizing you love someone. We need them to need each other. We know how much Derek loves Meredith. The one thing I loved about that God-awful 3 part episode was Patrick Dempsey doing the best acting I’ve seen on any television show so far this year. He was torn to shreds not knowing Meredith’s fate and you could literally feel his pain through the screen. Derek loves Meredith and Derek needs Meredith, but, we don’t get that from Meredith. The “can’t-live-without-you”-ness is missing. She’s never showed the side of her that needs to have Derek in her life. Sure, two weeks ago when he wasn’t answering his phone she got a little wrecked, but I think she wanted the attention he gives her, not him, per se. But she hasn’t showed him she loves him. And if she expects to keep him around, she’s gotta show it. Otherwise, I give him no guff about making Seattle Grace Hospital his new girlfriend when he becomes Chief.

(And for the record, I have no predictions about who could be Chief. I feel like this is such a subplot and don’t really see it being a huge deal no matter who gets it. Though wouldn’t it be wild if Derek and Preston were Co-Chiefs? Fine, there you have it. That’s my prediction.) (Let me know if you’ve read this far, I’ll get you a cookie.)

Alex: If you honestly didn’t see Alex falling for Ava after he rescued her from the ferry, you’ve gotta get your head checked. They couldn’t have made that one more blatant and obvious, especially by making her pregnant. We all know he’s going to be the baby doctor to emerge from the bunch. He’s a natural and lemme tell ya, the episode where he saved the baby’s life by talking to it and telling it sports trivia didn’t make just Addison weak in the knees. I can see her husband showing up in possibly next week’s episode and therefore breaking Alex’s heart because he’s legitimately fallen for her and turned over a new leaf in the process. I like this newer refined Alex and hope that the experience of getting his heart broken will leave him remaining this less cocky brand of boy.

George and Izzie: As much as I hate the situation the writers have put them in, I am appreciating the way they’re pulling damage control. Izzie’s speech last week about needing George to be her friend was excellent and I honestly believe if there is a real soulmate connection on this show, it’s between them. I’m just sad to see Callie getting dragged through it. It’s time to come to terms with the fact that the marriage should have never happened. Callie honestly loved George and while George might have loved Callie, getting married right after his father died as a way to deal with greif was a huge mistake. I kind of felt okay about this at the end of last week, but sadly, this week’s preview makes it look like we’re back at it again.

Poor Bailey. Poor Chief, they’ve gotta put up with these crazies 🙂

So, there you have it, folks. I know this was long, but thanks for reading. All is not lost, and I am hoping that the writers know what they’re doing. We’ve just gotta stick it out through the crap. Hang in there. I think we’ll be okay.

I won’t get to watch the episode til tomorrow, so keep an eye out for the Post-Op Follow-Up comin’ atcha Friday night or Saturday.