Check out what my weekly SpaceWeather e-mail shot over today:

These are photographs taken of every full moon for the past two years to show that no two full moons are ever the same. Totally amazing and cool. We’ve got a full moon right now, guys, and last night it was absolutely gorgeous. Get out there and take a look. AND! June is supposed to be a blue moon this year!

Just before dawn on Sunday morning, you may be able to catch some meteors as Earth enters a dust stream from Halley’s comet.

Don’t forget the Sun, too. There’s been some hyper-activity up there these past few months including some rapidly appearing sunspots. What that means is that the sun is essentially entering a new solar cycle and there are some absolutely wicked storms going on up there. This usually happens every 15-ish years and when it does it means the polarity of the Sun is switching (The sun has a lot of sunspots, which are kind of like giant storms, and these are polarized North to South. When the poles switch, new sunspots appear that will have the poles of the sunspots switched. So where you might have a sunspot N-S next to one that is N-S, the new one that appears would be S-N, with the switched poles. The first that appear for this are usually more intense storms and release a lot more energy that greatly affect the Aurora Borealis, something I have yet to see but absolutely must.).
ANYWAY, this is an image of a microflare (I just learned is also called an Ellerman Bomb), which is a magnetic explosion about a millionth the strength of a solar flare. The microflare is the itty bitty white spot in there and though it looks small, it is mighty. To put it in perspective, one of those dots releases the energy of about 10 million atomic bombs. Totally incredible.

And okay. This is PERHAPS THE COOLEST THING I’VE EVER GOTTEN FROM SPACEWEATHER. But. You need 3D glasses. I don’t have any. But I’m going on the hunt shortly. Don’t you worry. Anyway, grab yours and check out this 3D Image of the Moon. Beautiful. Insane. Crazy.

I heart space.