If you have yet to watch this past week’s two hour Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice mash-up, I’d consider skipping out on this post.

Otherwise, I’ll meet you on the inside.

To be honest, I’m not even really sure where to start this one, guys. And I don’t blame that on my lack of being able to gather my thoughts, I blame it on the structure of the show. I was of the mindset that we’d see one hour of Grey’s followed by That Girl, I mean, Private Practice, the potential spin-off series featuring the adventures of a newly emancipated and man-free Addison Montgomery. If you caught last Thursday’s post on the matter, you’ll recall that I was less than thrilled about the concept of the show, but understood the reasoning behind it if they’re doing what I am now really hoping for as far as season four is concerned. That being said, the package we were presented with on Thursday was anything but neat and organized. They didn’t give the “Grey’s Only” fans much of a chance to skip out on Private Practice because the two were edited together into one long extended episode. I wonder if you can program Tivo to fast forward through the crap, which in this case was definitely Private Practice.

So, you see, there’s no real clean cut way to go about discussing this, so let’s take it one show at a time.

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Private Practice
opens with that shot we’ve come to know from the previews of Addison zipping down PCH in a classic red convertible, the wind in her hair and the messy woes of Seattle eating her dust. Addison arrives at a wellness clinic in Los Angeles and looks like the small town girl who just got dropped off the Greyhound in the middle of the great big city and had never seen electricity before. Her lost, confused and vulnerable personality is horribly written. She lived in New York City for eff’s sake!

But it didn’t matter how she got there. Addison stepped off her Red-hound dog of a car and into an entirely different lifestyle that wasn’t the Addison I wanted to appreciate. Her conversation with Pete (played by a “really needs to accept the fact that he’s getting older”-looking Tim Daly), made me nearly turn off the show right there as it was 100% NOT Addison! And trying to give her some sort of guardian angel/supreme being in the elevator connection? Stupid. This was horribly executed. Here we have a character that we know like the back of our hand doing things that were so out of character for her in a setting that never really sits right. And I’m sorry, trying to add in the drama from the other doctors personal lives? WHO. CARES. People are dicks and you’re all supposed to be smart doctors. Move along.

I mean, granted the first time I watched Grey’s it was watching a bunch of strangers and learning about their drama, and soon-to-be drama, but that wasn’t nearly as frustrating as this. Addison became a stranger that I felt I was supposed to know, and with her being unrecognizable and surrounded by a bunch of people whose problems I could never relate to or begin to try to relate to, was just a great big crap-fest of apathy.

I was slightly angered when we learned of Addison wanting to have a baby. I mean, I can understand the desire to have a child, but in this case I have a feeling that the desire was completely for her to feel loved. She wanted to bring something into this world that really had no choice but to love her and need her. When she found out she was “dried up” I was relieved but also saw it as at this point she couldn’t even *make* someone love her. Also what I found puzzling about this was the fact that she returned to Seattle at the end of the show. Was she really going to get pregnant in L.A. and then return to Seattle to have the baby? Strike 24.

Though it felt totally unnatural and contrived, I appreciated her jumping in on that wild paternity case that they made out to be so “only in L.A.” It’s always good to see Addison be strong and firm and put her foot down when it needs to be put down. We definitely need to see more of that, but instead we get this horny, lonely, neglected woman who runs away from her problems instead of dealing with them head on like the confident woman she lets out from time to time.

At the end of the mess, Addison hops in her little car and zips back up to Seattle to do god-knows-what once she gets there. The entire “there’s an empty desk here at the clinic” storyline was almost too perfectly set up for her to be able to call up her friends in a few weeks when shit really hits the fan and she is once again put in some situation where she runs instead of fights. To be honest, Grey’s fans, with the way Addison’s character has been developing, I’m over it. Let her go be in L.A. at the clinic and we’ll carry on like we did before she dropped a house on our series. She’s had some excellent moments and has truly been a voice of reason amongst the chaos at SGH, but if they’re so content and ready to be rid of those amazing qualities, let em do it. I’m not gonna fight for it not to happen. I’m over it.

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Grey’s Anatomy: Another reason I am okay to see Addison go, is because odd and awkward episode splicing aside, this was an absolutely awesome episode of Grey’s. (Sorry, John. We’re going to have to save your creative title for another episode at another time. I’m holding onto it for one that really deserves the punch of that title.).

Mark asked the Chief where Addison was and his only answer was “She’s gone.” (Lame. But, whatever.) I found it interesting though that Mark felt he could go to Derek to talk about his woes, and though Derek’s reaction was kind of jerky, it was also interesting in that he was intrigued by the intricacies to which the Addison-Mark relationship had developed behind his back. At this point, let Addison go and keep Mark around, his character has also made some massive climbs in this past season and in spite of his outward expression of jerkface, I like what he adds to the mix. In my opinion, they wrote themselves into a corner here and we are already well on our way out.

I’m totally loving the wedding storyline and was thoroughly entertained by the interaction between Christina, her mother and Burke’s mother (I also love that Burke calls his mother “Momma”). I’m sad and nervous to see Burke’s uncertainty develop, but hope the wedding goes off without a hitch. Meanwhile, Sandra Oh continues to deliver a brand of sarcasm that can keep me laughing throughout the entire episode and I appreciate her work here. Loads.

However, I feel bad for Burke that he’s constantly having to fight Christina on everything, but I think a lot of her stress and attitude towards him in this episode was brought on by the tag team antics of her mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law. I have also always really liked the relationship between Burke and George from way back when, and was happy to see their dialogue go down like it did. It’s sad that because of off-screen drama that relationship took such a back seat for a while, because George and Burke make a great team, even if T.R. Knight and Isaiah Washington don’t.

I can’t handle Izzie Stevens much longer. She’s obviously harboring “more than friends” feelings for George and she’s gotta be the stronger person here and let that go. Their kiss in the elevator, though somewhat natural in set-up, still should have never happened. George needs to decide what he’s doing and man up. He doesn’t care enough about Callie to be honest with her, then really, what is he doing wasting her time and prolonging the inevitable. She’s going to be the one to get hurt here, especially for a girl who has done nothing but put herself out there to love and be loved in return. Callie knows what’s going on, she’s not stupid, but her denial makes it worse and also just adds to the stuff building under the surface and I fear we’re not too far off from seeing this volcano go kaboom. I’m willing to accept that George and Izzie are meant to be together, but there are better ways to go about doing this than destroying poor, innocent Callie O’Malley.

In other departments: I’m officially starving for answers to the past of Alex Karev. I’ve never cared much until these last few episodes, but that’s because he’s always been kind of a jerk and I just didn’t care why he was the way he was. But, I kind of wish I knew more about why I didn’t like him. Why is he hard as nails sometimes but others the sweetest and most caring guy around? I love the side we are getting from him when he deals with Ava (Whose real name isn’t Ava, by the way. It’s Jason Bourne. We’re you hearing her during that surgery!? She’s SO a spy!). I’ve gotta know more about what happens to Alex when he leaves the hospital at night.

I think it was a ballsy move killing off Susan and I was sad to see her go. However, I thought that Meredith delivering the news to Thatcher was some of the best we’ve seen of Ellen Pompeo. Meredith’s reaction to her mother’s death wasn’t even that emotional, and it’s telling of how much Susan penetrated her thick shell in spite of how much Meredith resisted. Meredith always had a mother figure in her life, but Susan lived up to be the friend that Ellis never was. And though I never liked Thatcher very much, I do feel bad for the man and hope that Meredith makes a point to keep in contact with him without Susan “setting up” their little meetings.

That’s all I’ve got in me for now.

Again, excuse the length, but those two hours had a lot of meat packed on ’em.

So let’s hear it, what’s your take on all this?