As we talked about last week, there’s a flurry of rumors surrounding the fate of this fall’s NBC line-up, specifically around Thursday nights and its current champion of comedy, The Office.

Well, add the “moving to the 9 o’clock hour” rumor to that list. Variety is reporting today that The Office may be moving to the incredibly competitive 9 o’clock spot on the already incredibly competitve Thursday night schedule. Currently, the 9 o’clock hour is monopolied by Grey’s Anatomy (current top-dog on Thursday Nights) and CSI, but NBC has confidence in the series that when it first started could only be defined as ‘the little comedy that could.’
I think that 9 o’clock would be a risk, but I’d be happy to record Grey’s and watch The Office during its air time.

Now, what about the talk of that ‘one hour’? Well, the Variety article does point out “one possible scenario” being that The Office would go at 9 and 30 Rock or a new series would follow at 9:30. I doubt 30 Rock would fill that slot as I’ve read some pretty well sourced reports that Baldwin is not interested in returning to the show. And I don’t blame them if they can it. I think that the reason for 30 Rock‘s lack of audience is that it is a new show in a highy competitive slot. It doesn’t matter who you have starring in the show, people will always be loyal to their TV families first. I’d love to watch 30 Rock more often as the episodes I have seen are truly hilarious, but it’s on at the same time as Grey’s, a show that is a) established and b) has a much larger fan base because of it. I think that if NBC wants to keep its head above water, moving The Office to 9 is a risk you’ve gotta be willing to take.

As far as that “new show,” I hope that’s Variety’s code for “one full hour of The Office.”

Stay tuned.

(Thanks to the good people at Office Tally for the scoop!)