Saving money sucks. Mainly because I can’t spend massive amounts of it on music (but let’s be honest, that’s what gets me into “I have no money” messes in the first place.). But just because you can’t spend doesn’t mean you can deny the hunger for something new and wonderful spilling out of your speakers. So, every Tuesday I am going to allow myself to buy one new track on iTunes and then let you know if it’s worth your 99 cents, too.

“1234,” Feist
“1234” (a track off her third album released last Tuesday, The Reminder.), delivers a strong, upbeat and catchy departure from Feist’s sultry and moody normalcy that can be found throughout the sophomore release, Let It Die and in large part on The Reminder, too. One thing I find almost bittersweet about Feist is the simple nature of her songs. Sometimes it’s exactly what you need, a basic piano part, maybe some guitar and some auxiliary percussion to push the song along, and her saucy voice gliding over everything. All of her songs have this classic jazzy feel, but often times I find it falls just short of really being pushed to any extraordinary lengths. “1234” pushes it to the point of being just outright spectacular and does so much of what I wish more of her songs would do. Instead of just your piano, acoustic guitar and auxiliary percussion, we’ve also got banjo, brass, strings and an entire army of voices backing up hers that is still as sweet and unique as it is everywhere else on the album. This time, however, instead of just gliding over her instrumentation, she’s playing with it and teasing it to the climax of the song where you can’t help but wear a smile.

It’s cute. It’s sweet. It’s catchy and she’s definitely taking a page from the Regina Spektor book of bouncy and adorable song writing. Take a listen. I think this track is a winner.

Favorite Line: Sweetheart. Bitterheart. Now I can tell you apart. Cozy and cold, put the horse before the cart.

See? Simple and sweet. Splurge on this track.