When I got out of my Folklore seminar tonight, I turned on my phone to have a total of 2 voicemails and 4 text messages from different people all telling me how wonderful The Office episode was:) That’s a very good sign. And pretty much pumped my pre-game excitement to record-breaking highs. So here I am, pajama’d and ready to dive into a full 40 minutes of good laughs, courtesy of our good friends in Scranton, Pa.

And since I know you love The Office as much as I do, I should direct your attention over to John’s blog where we are in the midst of the maiden voyage of what will prove to be a most excellent blog feature, Scrantonicity. Pre and post episode discussion, Dundies and more, Scrantonicity will be filled with the tangy zip of Miracle Whip, and the weekly Office nutrition we could expect from a good Schrute Farm beet.

So, get your flonkert-on and I will see you there in your “Beach Games” wear!