In case you were wondering if I was going to have another ‘I love it/I hate it’ Grey’s Anatomy post this week, well… I hoped I would, but time got away from me and I didn’t have too much to say pre-show.
Well, one thing to say.

There’s one thing that they give away in the preview and that’s that Meredith and Derek are (once again) having relationship troubles. And to be totally honest, I’m just a wee bit sick of all the drama between them. I mean, if it were something worth fighting for, I’d understand. But fact of the matter is, I have yet to see how or why you would fight for this relationship. It’s bland and they’re just not a good match. Carry on.

Anyway, I’m watching last night’s episode tonight, and will get down to blogging it shortly thereafter. Promise.

I’m trying hard to be optimistic about the falling star that has become Grey’s Anatomy. I’m trying to see the silver lining and understand that perhaps this is all for good reason. I mean, how can writers who delivered some of the better television I’ve seen in a long while, suddenly fall back on cheap cliches and lazy stereotypes? Where did they go wrong? To me, I think we really struck this downhill momentum at full force when they killed George’s dad and George and Callie had a knee jerk reaction to get married. Fiasco ensues.

But I’m sticking with it. Hanging on tight and rolling with the punches as hopefully the end of the season clarifies why they’d do half the things they did.

On that note, if you’re interested, check out creator Shonda Rhimes’ blog where she quiets a few of my fears, but creates rumblings in other areas. I’ll trust you Shonda… but trusting you better mean you’re going to fix these little problems we’ve been having. And soon. Like, next week soon.

Must depart, as this weekend’s non-stop non-stopping-ness begins… now. I’ll add more on this and the episode post-viewing. Hopefully it puts me in a happy bloggy mood. Stay tuned.