I want to take some time out to give congratulations out to some of my all-time favorite people who have graduated college in these past few weeks. I am massively proud of all of you and know that you will go on to accomplish great things.

Amanda graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Music Business, and with law school ahead, she’s going to rip Hollywood a new one.

Chanel graduated from University of Puget Sound and will soon be gracing the halls of Seattle Grace with her Biology/Pre-Med degree.

Scott’s Art History degree from Puget Sound is going to make him the world’s most famous _________. But who cares. He’s moving to frickin’ CHINA!!!

Annnnnd Amanda, (photo unavailable at the moment) who is going to use her USC degree in finance to bail me out of all sorts of fun and fantastic trouble I am bound to get myself into.

I am massively proud of all of you guys and know that you’re going to be happy and succeed in all that you set your brilliant minds to!!!