Wow. What a weekend. I’m burnt out and am in need of some serious in-bed recovery time. Yowzah’!!!

Today, hopefully, will be active as far as posts go. I’ve got a lot I want to get through.

1. That Grey’s Anatomy chatter I’ve been meaning to get to since Friday.

2. A special post dedicated to a few of my all-time favorite Loggers. (Done! Check it out here!)

3. Office News! It’s a shocker. But if you want to spoil the surprise, John’s got the scoop already. (Done! Check it out here!)
4. A little number about how my life has changed since I saw Spider-Man 3 and how I find it in me to carry on.

5. General news I’ve been meaning to report on.

So, consider this a to-do list for Sea Babble. Hopefully you will have all of these things by the end of the day.


Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!!!!

There is no person in this whole wide world that I admire more than my own mom and I am sure you can say the same about yours, too. Rock on, mommies! You’re the cause of a lot of good in this tired old world, and I love ya for it.