Okay kids, today is the day that quiets a lot of the rumors and rumblings we’ve been hearing about the fall fate of our favorite television shows.

And Babble affiliate and unpaid intern, John, broke the story this morning that we can be expecting a whole lot more from the good folks over at NBC.

I’ve lost track of Earl this past year, and while I always thought that the show was funny and entertaining, what I admire most about Earl, Randy, Joy and Crab Man’s crazy antics, is the solid gold heart of goodness behind that show. It means well and always makes my heart smile big. I will definitely try and pick up on my Earl patronage this next season.

And a Bionic Woman series! With Ann Veal!!!!

But. Let’s be real. The big news here is that I am getting 17.5 hours of him:

Did you know that this is my absolute, all time, favorite photo of F.H. John Krasinski?

Honey, I hope our darling little girls get their tree climbing skills from their father. Your ability will come in handy when we build little Kennedy Jayne, Olivia June, Wyatt Marie and Charlotte Leigh their tree house where we’ll have weekly family sleepovers and movie fests.

Can’t wait.