As many of you know, my TV grasp this year, as it is most years, was weak. But, the magic of all that is that I am getting a two-fer on my TV shows tonight!

(I know, I owe you a Grey’s post. But really, there’s good reason I’ve been neglectful. Besides school, if you saw last week’s episode, you’ll understand that it’s a difficult one to talk about on its own. Let’s see what happens this week. And gimme a break, I’m working on the optimisim here, kids.)

That’s right, Dunderheads and Hormone-Filled Interns! Don’t forget to tune into the HOUR LONG season finale of THE OFFICE followed by the season finale of GREY’S ANATOMY at 8 and 9 o’clock respectively!!!

(Remember that? Can your heart handle something of that caliber again? I know mine can’t.)

What’s going to happen with that job interview at corporate?! Is Jan preggers and that’s why everyone is interviewing for her job?! (Okay, I think the preggers thing might be a bit out there, but I do think it’s her job they’re interviewing for.)

Will Burke and Christina finally tie the knot!? Will Alex finally come clean about how he feels for Mrs. Jason Bourne!? I really wish tonight’s episode was guest starring Tony Danza. I’d totally call it “Who’s the Chief?” Sigh, someday…

There’s going to be loads to discuss on all fronts and I plan on gushing to you over The Office and making up for lost Chatnatomy time by midday Friday! Just you wait and see! I’m gonna rock it. Hopefully.

And don’t forget to check out Scrantonicity, kids!!! Thar be Dundies over there!

Stay tuned! Lot’s to come!