Now, listen. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself well-versed in television, in fact, I couldn’t tell you half of what happens out there in TV land. You may pity me, but. I will tell you this, and I want you to believe me.

The Office is the best show on television. Period. Closed for discussion.

I couldn’t imagine a show that week-to-week delivers more heart and humor than this, with better writers, directors and actors than this. I feel like I keep having to remind myself that this is a sitcom, because it’s not structured like any one I’ve ever seen.

At the end of last season, I had seen a bunch of interviews with John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, and the interviewer would ask them how they felt to be the new “Ross and Rachel” or the new “Sam and Diane.” They’re no “Ross and Rachel” and far from a “Sam and Diane,” because they’re “Jim and Pam” and there is nothing that has ever come close to what they are and nothing that ever will. One in a million.

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business.

Creed!!! Creed’s blog is perhaps the most brilliant thing I’ve ever heard. When he started saying the website I started to try and remember it, but then noticed that, in a very Creed fashion, it wasn’t real (“You’re not real, man!” Oh! And courtesy of the good people at OfficeTally, here is a transcription of Creed’s blog: “I got into a car accident yesterday and I just took off. It didn’t look too bad. The guy was making a big deal out of it, but come on — dogs don’t live forever.” Look for the Official Creed Thoughts here! The full scale of the funny there will have to be discussed in another post.).

And coming from anyone else the “au natural” line would have been creepy as hell, but it’s not creepy, it’s Creedy.

Remember how last season they did the webisodes of “The Accountants?” Well, I’m hoping that they do that again this summer but with Creed, Stanley, Meredith and Phyllis. I love those guys and wish they’d get some more screen time, because whenever they do, I’m completely in stitches.

StanleyNickel is the greatest idea ever and I love how often Dwight walks into these little traps that people set up for him. And the fact that Angela knew the answer to his fertilizer question but didn’t dare say anything out loud. That relationship totally weirds me out, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love seeing their odd little moments in the break room or the corner of the office.

Andy’s interview was insanely memorable, too. I love that his answers were all prepared to be exactly what they needed to be and Dwight was just not having any of it. Another excellent dynamic on the show there, Dwight and Andy.

And Ryan, you suck. I like Kelly. A lot. I think she’s adorable and sweet and always means well and I hate Ryan for stringing her along. Not too long ago, I seriously thought he liked her for a while, and he still might (watch the deleted scenes from Benihana Christmas). But he sees this chance to be in New York as something bigger and better and a way to really use the schooling he’s gone through. In season 4 I’d like to see Ryan realize that he really did love Kelly and try and get her back. But whatever, he was an (to use a Michael Scott-ism), A-Wipe. (Michael’s letter to Dwight? Dwight’s reaction? Try and tell me you kept a straight face.)

And Jan!! Wow! Wowie wow wow wow! She wasn’t preggers, but it turns out she did… grow… but just not where I was expecting. I thought that was hilarious and brilliant, but just another testament to the fact that she really is absolutely crazy. I called it that the job interview was for Jan’s job, but I thought that was pretty ballsy for her to get fired, and I like that they took that risk. And for my Arrested Developers, did anyone else think of Kitty when Jan asked David if she was getting fired “Because of these?”

I misread the entire Michael-Jan dynamic the first time I watched the episode. Michael has got a lot of growing up and confidence building to get through. Their entire relationship was dictated by Jan before and even after getting back together, and staying together under different circumstances, he’s still letting her dictate the relationship. I don’t think he’s nearly as concerned about getting his condo back as he is about having Jan in it. He’s doing a lot of what he’s doing for her because it’s what he “thinks” a good boyfriend is supposed to do. But I think he, like everyone else, realizes he’s psycho. Season four has a lot in store for you, Mr. Scott.

But that’s that. I’ll add more to it later. Maybe.


I think Karen’s insecurities are truly getting the better of her. She’s so unsure about herself in her relationship with Jim that she’s manifesting all these weird emotions and saying things that we wouldn’t have previously expected of her. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that they have to make her slightly less appealing, but I really think that this side to her was there from the beginning, but we just didn’t notice it when we were somewhat running out of steam from rooting for Jim and Pam. Karen’s always been uneasy in her relationship with Jim, and while some of this falls on Jim for not making her feel secure, it’s very telling in that he probably never got secure in the relationship either. I like how also they set up that Karen has friends in New York, and though that kind of felt odd, it gave me some sense of security that she had some sort of social network there. You’re right Karen, Scranton isn’t big enough for you, Jim and Pam. And Jim knows it too.

PS- Sweetheart, I don’t think you look like a homeless man with your adorable, floppy hair. I’ll love you no matter what haircut you get. But. You did look very handsome and snappy with your pretty new one. I agree with Meredith. Sexy hot. And you can turn around if you want. But if not, it’s cool. We can just make faces at eachother and smile. And I’d love to live in Scranton. Not New York. But we can go and visit. And go to a bar that used to be a church. And I’ll believe you when you tell me you saw Lorne Michaels. Promise.

When Jim lifted up the sales report and saw the Office Olympics yogurt lid medal and the note, my heart stopped. That was only the sweetest thing ever and I would expect nothing less from our adorable, loveable, and thoughtful little Pam. Jim obviously realized the permanence of that job in corporate and realized that it meant being permanently farther away from Pam than he’d like. He’s already left her once before and I don’t think he was willing to do it again. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled a Michael and respectfully withdrew his name from the running.

Which brings us to The Moment. (Gotta say, I was watching the timer on the VCR like a hwak near the end of the episode, wondering, “What’s gonna happen! THERESNOTIME! But something’s gotta happen!”)

“All right. Then it’s a date”

And the tears that swelled up in Pam’s eyes earned Jenna Fischer every award I could possibly give her. And I’m gonna be honest, I got all teary eyed, too. It’s like you could feel her heart ache through telling us that she was happy that her and Jim would always be friends, like she was really expecting more. And then, the man of her dreams walks through the door and asks her to dinner in a way that was every bit simple and charming as it needed to be but spoke volumes to us at home.

At that moment, all the lights in my house dimmed, as the brightness of her smile caused a minor electricity failure in my area. And those tear-swollen eyes were definitely contagious. I definitely needed to take a minute and remind myself to breathe.

“I’m sorry, what was the question?”

Best. Show. Ever.

Thank you.

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