Okay, I am finally caught up on my television. Finally. And for those who don’t know, The Office rocked my socks so good, that there was little hope for Grey’s Anatomy to pull out the big guns and be the season finale that really took my breath away (That award has already been presented to Beespert.).

That, and the fact that three of my most well-trusted judges of all things Grey’s gave less than stellar reviews, my expectations of this episode, as well as my motivation to get around to it was pretty low. But let’s have a look at “Didn’t We Almost Have it All” and at the end here you can also get my final verdict on the future of my relationship with Seattle Grace Hospital.

(I know my Grey’s audience is significantly smaller than my Office one, so those who want to know can carry on past the jump.)

It was definitely not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Granted we’re dealing with some grade-A piss-poor conditions over there at SGH, but I think that they made some interesting choices and I am anxious to see where they go with it. NOTE: Anxious doesn’t translate to a feeling of faith that it will be done well.

That being said, let’s get down to it.

First some general comments:

I thought it was odd that they chose to mirror last season’s 908 hour finale by having those one-on-one scenes between the surgeons and the chief. Granted I think I liked these better than I did the ones from last season because they were a bit more involving and less drawn out, but still, odd.

Okay. The good stuff. With an episode like this one, I think it’s easier/better to discuss each character’s storyline on its own.

Alex, Ava/Rebecca & the Husband:I was terribly disappointed in this storyline for a number of reasons. One being, I like Ava better when she can’t remember anything. I thought it would have been cool if they played on he fact that she knew all these languages and was actually a spy, but I guess Sea Babble’s publicity hasn’t quite reached the big wigs at ABC yet. I kind of saw it coming that we were going to meet her husband this week, and to be totally honest, I don’t have one reason to hate the guy. From what they’re giving us, it sounds like they had one bad argument in their marriage and her being pregnant and hormonal just took it too far and ran away. That’s all. I think there’s sincerity that he comes and finds her and I think that when they did her face up with plastics, they did up her soul, too. Obviously she had fallen for Alex, and obviously she was going to say something to him about it, but by doing that she was neglecting the fact that her seemingly sweet and charming husband was out buying a car seat for the baby that was up in NICU.  I was glad when Alex told her that she should go with “the decent guy,” because he realizes that he isn’t quite that decent guy that she needs. Sure, he likes her a lot and sure, he’s grown up a lot, but he’s still the little hound dog he was before, maybe just a bit muted. Well, take all that goodness back when he storms in at the end of the episode looking for her and left heartbroken by the fact that she’s left with “the decent guy.” I really couldn’t stand to see his character carry into season four with a “The One That Got Away” mentality, and I think that that was a pretty weak move on his part.

That being said, I think Alex and Meredith have a lot more in common than we’d care to admit. Potential relationship ahead?

Addison: I thought he speech to Richard about the job can be summed up in one word, pathetic. Totally, completely… pathetic. It was an easy way to end her storyline by saying, “Look. If you need this job that bad, clearly there’s a bigger issue.” I mean, the Chief TOLD her to get a life. And that’s just what she’s going to do. In California. On Wednesday nights. At 9 PM.

Eff it, Dude. Let’s go bowling.

Mark: Well, just because Mark Sloane isn’t your new Chief, doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere. Eric Dane is apparently still on board for season 4 and I’m actually liking this the most of everything. I think that he’s going to make the show so much more interesting, and with Addison out of the picture and the revelations he’s come through in the past few episodes, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a whole new breed of McSteamy.

Bailey:Honestly, my heart did break for Bailey. I felt bad that she didn’t get the job she had been primped and primed for all season long. I felt bad that she lost out on what she had held as such high importance for this entire season. I love the initiative she took in opening the clinic. I loved that she developed into *the* candidate to beat in the race for Chief Resident. I did not, however, love that she didn’t develop into an excellent mother. Remember that whole part about Bailey having a kid? Remember one of the best Grey’s moments ever that lead to her naming her child after the person that helped her deliver her baby, George? Bailey is a mother. She’s battling to have it all, and not getting the job should be a sign that she needs to reevaluate what she wants.

Richard and Adele: THIS is love. Take notes, all others on this freakin’ show! THIS is what it means to love someone. You love them for their best parts and their worst parts and all their parts. You love them through thick and thin and you never give up. If you truly love someone, you don’t give up on the “us,” ever.  I’m interested though to see how he takes Derek’s suggestion that he should stick around to be Chief instead of awarding it to him.

Meredith and Derek: I thought one of the most brilliant parts of the episode was Derek telling Meredith that she shouldn’t be worried that he met a girl in a bar. She should be worried that flirting with her was the highlight of his week. Brilliant and exactly the shot to Meredith’s heart that we needed to see. Derek was 100% in the right when he told Meredith that she comes and goes (from the relationship) as she pleases and she can’t do that. It’s so true, and I’m so sick of it. To be honest, I’m over this entire relationship. Derek telling her that she was the love of his life was pretty sweet, but not enough to convince me that this was a relationship worth fighting for. I’d understand wanting to see them end up together if I truly thought they were meant to be, but they truly are not. Derek, this is not the love of your life, far from it. I can only hope that Meredith’s “It’s over. It’s so over” was directed at a lot more than that congregation.

George, Callie & Izzie:First, I am incredibly happy for Callie and getting Chief Resident. I think she’s a brilliant girl and I think she’s an incredible doctor. Though I feel bad for Bailey, Callie needed that boost for her self-esteem. And I guess she needs a baby? While I thought that her whole hormone speech was excellently delivered and worded, it was horribly received (of course) by George.  When he came back to her later to re-discuss, I was hoping that it meant he was truly ready to grow up and become the man she needs him to be. I hope Callie doesn’t see this as a fix to their marriage.  And it may be, who knows.

If only Izzie would just stop for a minute. I seriously thought her preaching about marriage vows to Burke and Addison was a sign of something underneath the surface, but it was her trying to talk herself into not becoming the person she has so blatantly become. Her speech to George in the locker room (though I think it’s really sweet when a man lets a woman tie his necktie… random, I know…) was a disaster. I truly wish that she didn’t have to have some huge dramatic speech to him every single episode. It’s becoming cliche and annoying.  I’m glad that we didn’t see Callie get hurt in this episode, instead we saw her with a bit of her confidence back as she so bluntly informed Izzie, in so many words, that she was her new boss. Rock on, Callie. 

As for George’s test results: I think this really brought his story full circle. From the first episode we knew that an intern was going to be asked to leave at the end of the first year.  But who knew one year would take three seasons!? George, from the beginning, was the underdog. In the first episode he nearly killed someone and this kind of reaffirmed that not everyone is cut out for this job. I like George. I don’t like George in the second half of this season, but I like George. I’m sad to see that it’s him that goes, but when you really think about it it makes total sense. Again, this is one of those “I’d like to see where they’re going with this but I might not trust where they’re going with this” situation.

Burke and Cristina: Burke and Cristina. Ohhhh, Burke and Cristina. I don’t really know where to begin here except this: Remember that scene in The Wedding Singer when Linda explains to Robbie the reason she stood him up at the wedding was because she realized she was going to be married to a wedding singer for the rest of her life? And Robbie’s only response is that it was something that could have been brought to his attention yesterday? Well, Burke, the lesson there is YOU DO NOT DECIDE YOU DON’T WANT TO MARRY SOMEONE AT THE SERVICE. Jeeeez! I can’t believe he did that! I still can’t wrap my head around why. I mean, I understand that he realizes that she hasn’t been herself, but really, that was just a poor choice of words, timing, everything. I wonder if they did that because they couldn’t think of wedding vows to write for Cristina (Burke’s, by the way? EXCELLENT!). I seriously think that this might be Burke’s exit from the show. He no longer has Cristina, he no longer has the possibility of Chief. Maybe this is it for Burke? I’m not sure at all where they’re going with this one guys, sorry.

And Oh! Sandra Oh! She was truly phenomenal here. The final scene of her in the apartment was so telling of how much she truly loved Burke and loved more than just him as an intelligent surgeon. She loved his presence. She loved him. She wanted to marry him. She was just shoehorned into everything about that day. Her inner conflict becoming blatant and open to Meredith was exactly what we needed to see from her. Stoic, strong and wonderful Cristina needed to finally break, and she did. Well played, Sandra. I was totally impressed.

 So that’s it. Our interns are residents. And my decision as been reached that I will carry on with my Grey’s viewing. If only because of this quote from creator, Shonda Rhimes:

“So that’s it.  That was our season.  I did my level best to burn it all down this season, to burn it to the ground so that we can have a place to build from next season.  Burning it down was hard.  But next season…oh, next season is all about the fun and the pain and the new beginnings.  Because our interns are going to become residents.  Because everyone is single again — well, there is the little matter of Izzie and George and Callie…but still…”

And with that, I am happy. I can breathe and rest. That’s what I needed to hear. I needed the recognition that she was crushing everything she’d built so she can start fresh in the fall. It might not have been necessary, but it was totally what we needed to hear after she did it. You spilled your milk. I’m not crying anymore, and you’re cleaning that up. I respect that.

Thank you Shonda. I have faith that you’re going to fix this. Please fix this.

Okay guys. What did you think? Get it out. Holler. Scream. Cry. Lemme know.