Happy Monday Morning, kids. Since it is “What the Hell” O’clock Sea Babble Standard time, we need some real laughs so we can stop trying to find the fact that we’re up so damn early… funny. Because it’s pretty unfunny.

So watch this video of FH Jon Stewart. Because it’s hilarious. And has a one second mention/photo of FH John Krasinski. And it’s hilarious.

Which brings us to this week, officially.

Well, officially I am done with classes when I decide to finish my Mesoamerican Archaeology final. Which has to be done by Thursday, officially. And then I am officially d-o-n-e. Officially, this rocks. Then it’s weekend and graduation next Wednesday the 30th. Faaaantastic.

I’ve got some posts I’ve been dancing around for the past few weeks that I will hopefully buckle down to sometime this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Happy Monday, Unpaid Interns.