Kids! Well, Iain and I made it safe and sound to Cincinnati, greeted by thunderous applause and showers of love from the Heavens. Literally.

All is well so far. Aunt Mary, of course, had a giant meal and lots of family (Cousins Neil, Rick, Zev and Nia and “Aunt” Isabel) waiting for us when we pulled up and I’m still totally full of bagels, fruit, cobbler and egg dishes galore. After the opening ceremony to the Cinc-eat-natti Fest 2007, Iain and I did a small driving tour of the area and came back here so he could nap and I could shower and continue to convince Aunt Mary that I’m still not hungry.

 Not much else on the agenda so far except the Reds game on Friday. And again, so sorry for the lack of anything substantial. But I did want to go ahead and check in. I haven’t forgotten about you, haven’t met another blog and you should have no fear that I would ever cleave you.  I think it’s just that now school is over, there is nothing to procrastinate from. But have no fear, we’ll find something.

Hope all is well and wonderful with all you Unpaid Interns out there.  Haven’t talked to nearly any of you in days so I hope all is well and that you know I miss you terribly!

Don’t give up on our little blog, guys. The Little Blog That Could shall press on to victory! Once I’m back in action, that damned and terribly idiotic CHEEZBURGER site will have nothin’ on us.

 (PS- If any of you U.I’s are dying for a project handed down from Yours Truly, you’ve got one: The good people at OfficeTally posted this storythat discusses a certain Office writer/co-star/executive producer’s newest gem released to the iTunes community. Since I am sans chelseaTunes for at least the next week, I don’t really have a way of getting to said gem. So. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to iTunes and listen to that little treat and tell me all about it so I may laugh and count the hours until myTunes and I are reunited.)